The Best Wireless Audio Receivers – March 2019

Posted by Nick on March 6, 2019

Audio technology has come a long way over the past two decades. We’re now surrounded by a virtually limitless number of sonic devices that range from Bluetooth headphones and earbuds to stereo systems that can power even the largest and most rambunctious house parties with ease.

And if you have the cash to throw around, you can invest in an in-ceiling audio system that you can control directly from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop with the click of a button.

But what about all the incredible stereo systems and speakers that came of age before the Bluetooth and wireless revolution? Some of the best and most respected speaker systems are undeniably from a different age, yet audiophiles from across the globe have clung to them thanks to their unmistakably warm and rich tone, which simply can’t be emulated by modern electronics.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that this reality would relegate these seemingly antiquated audio devices to a world in which Bluetooth and wireless functionality doesn’t exist—a world in which a smartphone or tablet will never be able to select a new song or adjust the volume from across the house.

But you’d be wrong. Thanks to a new generation of incredibly versatile wireless audio receivers, you can turn practically any audio system—old or new—into a fully functional Bluetooth device.

So if you find yourself frustrated by the fact that you can’t bring your favorite old-school stereo or speaker set into the far more convenient world of wireless connectivity, don’t fret. Here are some of the best wireless audio receivers money can buy.

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