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The Best Wireless Mechanical Keyboards [August 2020]

Despite being months away from a brand-new console generation, PC gaming is as vital as ever. Major third-party titles are almost always made available on PC, and when they aren’t, gamers request the title for PC until it finally arrives in a deluxe package. Part of the joy in PC gaming comes from the flexibility a PC provides: you can build your computer to run games at medium settings for the price of a new console, or you can invest thousands of dollars into a 4K, VR-ready gaming machine that doubles as a workstation PC for video production, photo editing, and more.

Building your new PC isn’t enough, of course. You need some incredible peripherals to make the best of PC gaming. Enthusiasts spend hundreds of dollars on the perfect monitor, sound systems, gaming mice, and of course, keyboards for the perfect typing experience.

Over the last decade, mechanical keyboards have become more popular for gamers and writers moved to wireless technology, keyboards—especially mechanical keyboards—have largely remained wired affairs. For some, this may not matter, as a keyboard largely remains in one place at a time throughout its lifespan of use. But for many users looking to reduce their cable management—or to make their desk look just a bit more neat—a wireless keyboard is a must.

When you’re shopping for any keyboard, it’s important to look at the design, style, and appearance, the switch style used for typing, and the price tag associated with the hardware. With wireless keyboards, you also have to consider the battery life of the unit, how responsive the wireless technology is between the keyboard and your computer, and of course, whether it’s worth the increase in price over traditional keyboards. So allow us to break it down for you in one simple, easy-to-follow guide. These are the best wireless mechanical keyboards for August 2020.