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The Best Workout Apps for the iPhone [February 2021]

Workout apps have always been an important part of using your phone, but in 2021, they’re more vital than ever before. With many gyms still closed down—and many of us not in a major rush to return—finding a way to stay fit and active, while also balancing your physical fitness with your mental fitness, can be tough. Even tougher, of course, is finding the motivation to workout at all, or learning where to start if you’re new to fitness.

Thankfully, the App Store is full of great apps that can help you work out harder and smarter. At TechJunkie, our goal is to help you find some of the best workout apps out there in the App Store, so that you can get right to working towards your goals. These apps will let you customize workouts, teach you new workouts, and do so much more! The category is fairly broad, so you will see a number of different types of apps included in this article.

While many of us think of working out as purely running on a treadmill or lifting weights, things like your diet and sleeping patterns can have a big impact on how good or bad your workouts are. But without any further ado, read on to discover some of the greatest workout apps for the iPhone that will help you get in shape and stay in shape!