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The Best YouTube Tech Channels [October 2019]

Every tech aficionado needs his or her daily fix of tech-related videos. Whether you’re an avid gamer, iPhone fanatic, or an Android connoisseur, the list below has the right channel for you. Keep reading for the reviews of the best and most informative YouTube channels.

1. LinusTechTips

LinusTechTips Channel

LinusTechTips [11] is among the largest tech channels on YouTube. The bulk of the content is about PCs and related equipment. Expect to see a lot of unboxing and review videos of PCs, gaming mice, and keyboards.

From time to time, LinusTechTips will do a video explaining some other tech-related stuff, such as the difference between AM and FM technologies or how to improve your phone’s Wi-Fi in under a minute.

2. Unbox Therapy

Unbox Therapy Channel

As the name suggests, the videos on Unbox Therapy [12] are mainly about unboxing and reviews. You will see reviews of cool gadgets, latest smartphones, and pretty much anything tech-related and geeky. PC components, peripherals, and even gaming consoles have their moments in the spotlight on Unbox Therapy.

The videos are done in high resolution and with quality gear, guaranteeing visual satisfaction. The catchphrase of the channel is “Where products get naked”.

3. PocketNow

Pocketnow Channel

While LinusTechTips and Unbox Therapy cover a wide range of tech products, PocketNow [13] concentrates on smartphones. Pretty much every smartphone in existence has appeared on this channel at one time or another.

If you’re interested in phone reviews and honest head-to-head comparisons, PocketNow is the channel for you. If you can’t decide between two phones, browse through PocketNow’s videos. In addition to other content, the channel also produces PocketNow Daily, a quick roundup of the day’s smartphone news, as well as PocketNow Weekly, a video podcast in which industry experts discus all things smartphone-related.

4. Austin Evans

Austin Evans Channel

With more than 3.5 million subscribers, Austin Evans [14] is among YouTube’s biggest authorities on all things tech. PC reviews? Check. Smartphone unboxing and news? Check. Gaming and gadgets? You got it.

Gaming PCs are Austin Evans’s absolute forte. The sheer amount and depth of information you can find on this channel is almost unparalleled across YouTube. The channel kicked off back in 2007, in the early years of the “Tube”, and has since amassed over 650 million views.

5. Chris Pirillo

Chris Pirillo Channel

Chris Pirillo [15], also known as LockerGnome to tech aficionados, is a YouTube veteran. He’s been around since the beginning of the site and is still among the biggest tech authorities around.

Pirillo has maintained his relevance throughout the years through in-depth and unbiased reviews of smartphones and tablets. The videos sometimes feature bits and pieces of his everyday life, such as his extensive Star Wars collection, love of LEGO minifigures, and retro video games.


MKBHD Channel

Marques Brownlee, the charismatic vlogger behind the MKBHD channel [16], is among the most influential tech gurus on YouTube. His smartphone reviews, while not as frequent and numerous as those of other vloggers, are delivered with in-depth info and exceptional clarity.

Aside from phone reviews, you can expect to see many desktop reviews. Socially conscious videos that investigate greatest controversies in the tech world are also an important part of the channel. On the technical side, Brownlee’s videos are top-notch, done with crisp visuals and immaculate production values.

7. Android Authority

Android Authority Channel

The creators of the Android Authority [17] channel published their first video back in 2011 and have since established themselves as YouTube’s leading connoisseurs of all things Android. As the name suggests, the channel is focused exclusively on reviews, tutorials, and tips on Android phones and tablets.

The channel pushes out a lot of content on a regular basis, all of it very consistent in terms of quality. If you want to expand your knowledge on Android OS or just need a quick review of a phone you want to buy, make sure to give Android Authority a try.

8. Soldier Knows Best

Soldier Knows Best Channel

Although smartphone reviews make up a major portion of the channel’s videos, Soldier Knows Best [18] reviews and unboxes all kinds of cool tech stuff. You can find videos about microphones, smart home appliances, PC peripherals, gaming gear, and more. Software videos are another big part of the channel, especially iOS reviews, tips, and tricks.

Soldier Knows Best also investigates tech rumors and news on a regular basis, so expect to be up to date with the latest announcements and release dates.


CNETTV Channel

CNET is a giant in the internet’s tech circles. Their site is the primary news resource for many web geeks. Their YouTube channel [19] launched back in 2006 and has amassed around 1 billion views over the years.

If you decide to check out this awesome channel, you can expect to find in-depth and entertaining videos on a wide range of topics. Gear tests and reviews make up the core of the channel, generously seasoned with exclusive news from tech, gaming, and entertainment industries.

Final Thoughts

If you crave daily tech reviews, tests, and news, and don’t know where to look, this list is the best place to start exploring the web’s greatest tube site.