8 Best Bitcoin Wallets to Keep Your Bitcoin Safe

8 Best Bitcoin Wallets

If you’re looking for a wallet to keep your Bitcoin safe, then you probably already know what Bitcoin is. For those of you new to the concept, Bitcoin is the digital currency that uses encryption to regulate and verify funds transfer that works outside of the traditional banking system. You can use Bitcoin online as a form of payment in the virtual world, so to speak.

Your Bitcoin funds use a password, which only you should have access to—much like any of your private accounts online. The value of Bitcoin is determined by the number of users that want to buy and sell it at the time of that particular moment. The price changes with the theory of supply and demand in mind.

Now that we’ve explained Bitcoin, let’s take a look at wallets used to keep your Bitcoin safe.



This happens to be the original and most secure Bitcoin wallet you can use. This wallet ensures every block and transaction is valid, and also keeps miners and banks from taking control of your Bitcoin money. Since this is the first Bitcoin wallet, it’s armed with exclusive privacy features.

BitcoinCore uses more resources than other application out there, but is still very computer- and Internet-friendly. This bitcoin program has a better user interface than most others out there. BitcoinCore comes in first on our list because it’s the most secure and has many features that are not only user-friendly but also best for Bitcoin usage. It’s compatible with Windows, MacOS, and Linux-based computer systems.



The Copay Bitcoin wallet is available across multiple platforms and devices, so you can access from anywhere.  You can have multiple users and more than one wallet associated with Copay’s Bitcoin wallet, which makes it ideal for business use. Copay uses full Bitcoin protocol. (That means your Bitcoin funds will go to the right place and can be verified as long as you’re sending it to a Bitcoin protocol-enabled merchant.)

Copay is an entirely open-source Bitcoin wallet application, so if you’re all for open source, this is the way to go. Bitcoin developers can review, develop, and contribute to the Copay Bitcoin wallet app and server—which is maintained and approved by the community. It’s available on iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Chrome, MacOS, Windows OS, and Linux.



The BitGo Bitcoin wallet is geared toward the business that is always on the move, though you can still get a personal account to use as well. This wallet uses two-step security verification, which protects you from fraud.

BitGo Bitcoin wallet offers monitoring protection 24/7 also. You’ll receive instant alerts for all your transactions, be able to track audit logs, and get in-depth monthly reports about your Bitcoin. BitGo wallet is available for Android, Web, and iOS devices.



StrongCoin processes your transactions through your Web browser, so that your key is encrypted on their server and you’re the only one with access to it.  This, in turn, makes it referred to as a hybrid wallet and makes it more secure.  You can have multiple Bitcoin accounts in one wallet.

StrongCoin uses offsite secure backup protection, so you won’t worry about losing your Bitcoin funds because you’ve accidentally deleted your wallet. Your Bitcoin wallet cannot be held at ransom, and escrow is built-in. You can use StrongCoin on iOS, Android, and a computer desktop, so it’s cross-device compatible.

Ledger Wallet Bitcoin Hardware

Ledger Wallet

Not only is this a Bitcoin wallet available for your smartphone and computer use, it’s also got actual hardware that can be used in conjunction with the application itself. Going one step further, you may also want to consider purchasing the Ledger Wallet Bitcoin hardware for even more security when it comes to your Bitcoin currency.

There are various Ledger wallet devices available: the Ledger Nano is specifically geared toward Bitcoin security and usage. It’s $38 and change (in US currency), which isn’t too bad for a hardware Bitcoin wallet. It works on Windows, Mac, and Linux.



The UberPay wallet is one that lets users swap Altcoins for Bitcoin or gold and silver coins, making it easier for people to adopt to using cryptocurrencies. It will work on your desktop, Android, and iOS devices. It can be used in daily transactions with merchants worldwide.

CoolWallet Bitcoin Hardware


CoolWallet is a hardware Bitcoin wallet that looks similar to a credit or debit card, and fits in your real wallet. It’s hack-proof, theft-proof, and even waterproof as well. This hardware Bitcoin wallet works via Bluetooth. You can even set up an alert service that will tell you when your Bitcoin wallet and mobile phone are a certain distance apart, called Watchdog.

CoolWallet works with iOS and Android across multiple devices, but it’s not the cheapest Bitcoin alternative—it’ll cost you $119 US dollars. Though, if you’re a serious Bitcoin user and it’s your primary currency, then CoolWallet is the smartest and best choice for you.



You can store, send, and receive Bitcoin currency with the BitX Bitcoin wallet. It’s free and easy to use—no Bitcoin fees. It allows you to transfer funds, shop online, and manage your Bitcoin funds, and has smart wallet functionality to learn and become smarter the more you use it.

It’s available on Android, iOS, and through a Web browser.

There you have it: the eight best Bitcoin wallets to keep your Bitcoin safe. Everything from Web browser Bitcoin wallet and management, application Bitcoin wallets, and Bitcoin hardware wallets—we’ve got you covered. Got another Bitcoin wallet that you think is worth mentioning? Let us know in the comments. We appreciate the feedback.

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