How To Change Hat Color in Bitmoji

Posted by Max Moeller on February 18, 2019

Bitmoji are the online generation’s favorite way of expressing themselves. Since the app’s release, users have been creating digital representations of themselves from looks down to their clothing style.

The animated art style is nothing short of timeless. You can customize a Bitmoji’s skin color, hair, tone, accessories, body type expression, and more. The level of depth is consistently changing with future updates as well.

However, some users want to customize even more, such as their Bitmoji’s hat color. I mean, you can change your hair color, so why not be able to change your hat color?

How To Change My Bitmoji Hair Color

It’s understandable that with all of the customization offered by Bitmoji, you’d want to change hat color on top of everything else. Unfortunately, the app doesn’t provide the ability to merely change hat color. However, you’re not out of luck.

Instead of changing the hat color directly, you can swap through some of the pre-made selections. Just like with clothing and hairstyles, each hat has a few different colors available to use. For example, one hat may have red, black, and blue available for you to put on your Bitmoji. It’s a shame that you can’t use some sort of color wheel to change the color, but at least there is some semblance of choice.

Customized To Death

When Bitmoji first released, it wasn’t nearly as customizable as it is now. The app was mainly helped by Snapchat, who purchased Bitstrips, the company that created Bitmoji, back in 2016. The purchase was for $64 million, and it has really paid off.

Now, Bitmoji are tied directly into Snapchat and iMessage for users to send to their friends. With these, users can send how they’re feeling, have their Bitmoji’s interact, and more. It’s quite a fascinating innovation in the realm of digital social interaction, and this is only going to change even more.

Bitmoji really is at the forefront of digital customization, too. As of now, users can pick between around 40 skin tones alongside 50 hair treatments and colors to ensure they are as similar to you as possible.

There are a few different art styles as well, such as Bitmoji Deluxe or Bitmoji classic. You can choose between any of the three, which makes it easier for your changes to apply.

Pulling From Reality

Even crazier is the ability for Bitmoji to take a selfie of you and convert it into a Bitmoji of yourself. From there, you can refine and customize the avatar even more to make it look like a spitting image of yourself.

That said, the capabilities here are not perfect. It won’t just build a face for you. Instead, the application provides an excellent framework for you to work with and you can go from there.

However, the customization options will be coming even faster in the future. The Bitmoji Deluxe version of these avatars was created with the future in mind. With this, the developers have a simple framework to implement changes as they prefer. With this, Bitmoji’s can be more unique than ever before.

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