Using Parental Controls For Blocking Shows On Netflix

Blocking a show on Netflix is a tricky affair for multiple reasons, mainly because you…can’t actually block shows on Netflix, at least not right now.  If you’re here because you’re trying to clear Continue Watching or a particular show from your history, read our other article on that matter.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the only way you really can block shows on Netflix right now- through Parental Control settings.

Step 1: Open Netflix


Go ahead and open Netflix the way you always have. You can click this link if you don’t have one handy. Once you’ve signed in, you’ll be greeted with your typical Netflix home screen. What’s important for this guide, however, is the dropdown menu in the top-right of this screen.

Step 2: Open Your Account


Click the dropdown menu and select “Your Account” to proceed. Make sure that you’re inside the profile you want to apply Parental controls to before you do this!

Step 3: Select “Parental controls”


Now that you’re on the account settings page, scroll down until you reach the “Settings” section. From here, you want to click “Parental controls”.

Step 4: Enter Your Account Password


On this page, you’ll need to enter your account password before continuing. This safeguard is here to prevent kids and unauthorized parties from changing your parental control settings without your knowledge or permission.

Once you’ve entered that, the next page should look something like this.

Step 5: Choose Your Level


To unlock Parental control settings, you’ll have to start by creating a 4-digit PIN of your choice. Once you’ve done so, make sure you can remember that PIN for future reference, should you ever need to change those settings.

On my screen here, you’ll see that no level of Parental Control is enabled. You can choose what level to enable it at by selecting the circle where you want it to end- for instance, selecting the third circle on the above graph will lock Netflix to ratings TV-14/PG-13 and below.


Whenever Netflix does add the ability to properly block individual shows, we’ll definitely write a guide on it!

Hopefully, though, this article helped you block off inappropriate shows if you have to deal with younger eyes in the house.

Posted by Chris on July 18, 2016

14 thoughts on “Using Parental Controls For Blocking Shows On Netflix”

Kassie says:
Hey guys. Just a heads up. Don’t respond to comments like “Joe.” That’s a troll, and more than likely not even a real person. In a message board where almost everyone is supportive and you see some stupid comment like that, it’s just to sow discord. Like a stray cat, if you feed it, more will come, and they spray and can’t be neutered.
J Hunter says:
The bummer about this option is that while setting the parental controls at Teen requires a password for “Adult” viewing, all the “Adult” shows are still able to be scrolled through and often previewed. Sometimes even the splash screen is inappropriate. I’d really love a way to be able to actually block the R + show options from being viewed if that’s where the parental controls are set.
Liz Gilchrist says:
There is a show I believe 13 reasons, that is bad for teens to watch about suicide and we received an email from her high school warning for the kids not to watch it
Really wish that show could be blocked
Kelly says:
That’s so stupid. That show’s message is anti-bullying, not pro-suicide. Stop being a helicopter parent and let your kids discover a good show with a good message.
Larry Plum says:
underlying good message. bad show. don’t blame the school or the parents.
Holly says:
Please yes make it so we can block certain shows my daughter has been watching horrid Henry which is rated tv g I definitely don’t think it’s a good show to watch the kid is always getting into trouble now my daughter is starting to act out!! So frustrating I wish I could block it but I can’t now I’m going to have to look over her shoulder every minute to make sure she isn’t watching a bratty kid on Netflix when she grabs my phone
Julio says:
I hate that show too! I’m very frustrated with Netflix for not allowing to block specific TV shows.
This show has the worst reviews all over the Internet. It’s a terrible role model and a very bad example for my 5 year old. I’m actually considering just blocking Netflix as a solution.
Stephanie says:
I am so glad to see I am not the only one completely disgusted with this show and also frustrated that it is not an option to completely block just this show.
Kat says:
I really want to individually block one or two of the kids shows. I don’t think I can stand watching another episode of Animal Mechanicals with my 3-year-old, but every time we open the kids’ profile–BAM–it’s right there front and center. Screaming fit ensues if we don’t turn it on. I now avoid using netflix just to avoid these fights over shows Netflix keeps serving that I don’t want to watch on never-ending-mom-again-mom-again-until-tv-time-is-over-MOM-AGAIN loop.
Victoria says:
Individual show blocking would be good for anyone, kids or no kids. Getting certain shows, like the gagworthy Santa Clarita Diet, off my profile would be great. It would be nice not having to have shows I absolutely loath constantly popping up. I had hoped someone would have a solution for this but it seems like too much hassle to constantly put in a password to see other things I actually want to see, just to get one or two off.
Pawel says:
That is so necessary to be able to block certain shows from Netflix. Some of them are like candies to kids, nice to watch and bring nothing to their lives. But difficult for parents to talk them out of it.
D. Adams says:
I would also like the ability to grant permission for a show above the rating I have selected for my child. Some PG shows are okay in my opinion. (Isn’t that what PG stands for?). I trust my kid to only watch the shows he is allowed to watch. However, I don’t want MA and R shows, often with sexual images, appearing in his browsing window.
Suzana says:
We really need this option to block specific shows/movies on Netflix ASAP! Netflix please help and fix This problem for us..
D. Adams says:
I would also like the ability to grant permission for a show above the rating I have selected for my child. Some PG shows are okay in my opinion. (Isn’t that what PG stands for?). I trust my kid to only watch the shows he is allowed to watch. However, I don’t want MA and R shows, often with sexual images, appearing in his browsing window.
Shelley Ringelstetter says:
Thanks for the info. I agree that Netflix needs to have better parental controls which allow the flexibility to block certain types of shows, specific titles and ratings. Some TV-14 shows are appropriate for my 12 year old son, and others are not.
Amy says:
Netflix, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come up with a way to allow us to block certain movies. Shows are inappropriately rated and even if I put on little kids for parent control, pokemon comes through which is not ok for my kids to watch but they want to. Same with Star Wars/Clone Wars. And my 6.5 year old can watch intellectually older shows, just not with so much violence! PLEASE help us with this. We have no cable and will have to cancel Netflix if I, as a parent, cannot control what my kids see, even if it is on the selection page. Once they see it, like all humans, they want to watch it.
Joe says:
Why don’t you watch your kids. Then they won’t watch inappropriate shows. It’s called parenting.
Jeroen says:
Sounds like you don’t have kids on your own. Watching kids 24/7 isn’t an option and they are smart enough to switch shows.
Elmo says:
I would really like this function, since we have a long term house guest that refuses to stop watching Friends on a constant loop.
Larry Plum says:
you truly don’t understand and your comment shows your ignorance Joe.
Cindy says:
I have called Netflix as there are individual shows that I would like blocked for various reasons. It is not just because some are inappropriate, one other reason is there is a series of books by a certain popular author that our kids need to finish reading before they watch the series that Netflix has recently produced. When I called Netflix they are willing to put a ticket into the developers but that is all they will say on blocking individual shows. Perhaps if more people call them they will actually add that feature to their parental controls.
Jenn says:
Thank you for posting this how-to – I needed to block Family Guy and a few other grossly inappropriate shows from our Netflix account, and since there is not currently a way to block shows on an individual basis, rating-based blocking is how it’s going to be. Thanks again!

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