How To Block Someone who Blocked you on Instagram

Posted by Jamie on April 15, 2019

Have you been blocked and want to block them back on Instagram? Want to have more control over who sees your posts on the network? While tit-for tat is never the best option, there are occasions when it is necessary to block someone who blocked you on Instagram. This page will show you how.

There are all kinds of people on Instagram. The vast majority of them just want to share, to engage and get along but there are always those who want to make life difficult for other people. Blocking is a common tool used to protect ourselves from these people and Instagram kind of makes it easy but kind of doesn’t too.

It’s a strange situation. If someone has already blocked you and you have a public account, it is very difficult to stop them viewing your posts. They won’t be able to comment or contact but they can still see what you’re up to. It is also then very difficult to block them back. But not impossible.

Block someone on Instagram

You can only block someone if you have a public profile but the process is straightforward enough. You identify their account and then set a block. You can rescind this block at any time so if you make friends again so this isn’t an irreversible change.

To block a user on Instagram:

  1. Log into to your account.
  2. Search for the person’s profile within the app.
  3. Open their profile and select the three dot menu icon in the top right.
  4. Select Block User.
  5. Confirm the block.

Once you select Block User the option changes to Unblock User so you now know how to undo it should you two make up and become friends again. This will prevent that person being able to view your profile and messaging you but won’t stop them being able to view your posts if you have friends in common.

It is these friends in common that allow you to block someone who blocked you on Instagram.

Block someone who blocked you

If you try to visit the profile of someone who has blocked you, you won’t be able to. They won’t come up in search and will be removed from your friends list so you cannot go to block them. However, if you have friends in common, you can use those to block the blocker.

It takes a little work but it is possible to block someone who blocked you on Instagram.

  1. Find an image or post within your feed that the blocker has liked or interacted with.
  2. Select their username from that post and you should still be able to navigate directly to their profile.
  3. Once there, select the three dot menu icon as above and Block User.

Now you have blocked the blocker. It won’t make the slightest difference to them as Instagram doesn’t notify you if you are blocked but it might make you feel better!

Blocking on Instagram

When someone blocks you on Instagram, you will still be able to see their mentions, their posts if you have mutual friends, your likes and comments and their comments will remain on your posts. When you view their profile, you will see ‘No Posts Yet’ which is not true but a non-confrontational way of saying you’re not allowed to see them.

You won’t be able to search for their account from within the app. As mentioned above, you can only access their profile through mutual friends.

Like most social networks, Instagram doesn’t alert users to the fact that someone has blocked them. It’s a negative aspect of using the platform and they don’t want any avoidable negativity getting in the way of your enjoyment. It’s a sensible thing on other levels too because blocking or unfriending can have more serious consequences.

There is now a lot of evidence that being blocked or unfriended is now a from of social rejection that can have consequences to someone’s mental health. Studies have been plentiful and lots of work has been done on social media psychology.

People who have been blocked or unfriended feel rejected and can become upset. If that person is already in a delicate state that can escalate further. Further blocks or unfriending can compound the effect, making it worse.

This should not prevent you from blocking someone who is being toxic or unpleasant online. Far from it. Blocking and unfriending is a potent tool for managing behavior online. What we would suggest is warning the person, or having a mutual friend warn them that their behavior is unacceptable before blocking them.

This at least tells the person exactly why they have been blocked and gave them the opportunity to remedy the situation before it gets worse.

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