How to add Your Bookmarks to Google Chrome’s and Firefox’s Context Menus

Google Chrome and Firefox both have context menus with a few options on them. However, neither of those browsers’ context menus include bookmarks. It would be handy to have a submenu on the right-click context menu with which to open your fave website pages from, and you can add exactly that to Chrome and Firefox with a couple of extensions.

Context Bookmarks is a Chrome extension that adds bookmark shortcuts to the browser’s context menu. Open this Context Bookmarks page to add it to Google Chrome.

When you’ve done that, right-click a page open in the browser. Now you can select the Bookmarks bar submenu shown in image below.
context bookmarks

The Bookmarks bar submenu includes all bookmarked sites. You can now open the site pages by selecting them from that menu. It also includes an App shortcut at the top you can select to open your apps with.

You can bookmark new site pages by selecting Add bookmarks from the bottom of the Bookmarks menu. Clicking that option bookmarks the currently selected page tab in the browser. In addition, you can also open all the pages in a bookmark folder with Chrome’s omnibar (URL bar). Enter ‘f’ in the address bar and press Space, and then you should see Context Bookmarks on the left of the bar as below. Enter one of your bookmark folder titles in the ominibar and press Enter to open all the pages in the browser.

context bookmarks2

Click Options on the Bookmarks bar submenu to open the window shown below. There you can select to open the links on the submenu in new page tabs by selecting the Open link in a new tab check box. Below that there are menu items check boxes that you can click on to add or remove their options from the Bookmarks bar submenu.

context bookmarks3

You can also add a Context Bookmarks add-on to Firefox, but it’s not the same extension as the Chrome one. Firefox users can add it to the browser from this Mozilla page. Then restart the browser and right-click a page to open the context menu. It will include the Bookmarks submenu shown below.

context bookmarks4

Now you can open your fave websites from that menu. It has only a couple of customization options you can select by pressing the Options button beside Context Bookmarks on the about:addons page. That opens the small window shown in the image below.

context bookmarks5

Uncheck the Context Bookmarks clutter-free option on that window. Now when you open the Bookmarks submenu on the context menu, you’ll be able to select a Bookmarks Toolbar submenu to open sites saved to the toolbar. You can also select a Bookmark This Page and Bookmark All Tabs options.

So those are two extensions that add website bookmarks to the Chrome and Firefox context menus. Then you can open your fave sites directly from the context menu for quicker access. Check out this article to further supercharge Google Chrome’s bookmarks.

Posted by Matthew on June 1, 2016

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