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Posted by Arch on July 6, 2019
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Boston is one of the richest cities in America when it comes to culture, partly because it’s also one of the oldest cities in the entire United States, with its foundations dating back all the way to 1630. Its cultural diversity makes for a truly beautiful sight to see.

As such, the Massachusetts capital is a perfectly picturesque corner of our planet for capturing amazing photos. A photo, however, is nothing without a good caption, and coming up with ideas on what to write about a photo may seem way easier than it truly is. Whether you want to capture its educational hubs, nature, or downtown, these caption ideas might help you create refreshing content for social media.

Berklee College of Music

Boston is home to one of the world’s best and most popular music colleges. The musician crowd having a tendency towards connecting amongst each other and diversifying their social inputs has helped diversify the genre culture significantly. Thanks to this, Berklee is now home to a wide range of contemporary and historic styles, including hip hop, reggae, flamenco, rock, heavy metal, jazz, bluegrass, and many others.

The Berklee College of Music is an institution that can give you a wide range of beautiful shots. Where there are musicians, there are photo opportunities, and where there are photos, there is room for great captions. Here are some caption ideas to inspire your own.

Berklee College of Music

Berklee College of Music Caption Ideas

  1. “Here’s a photo of a metalhead, a Rastafari, and a bluegrass player all jamming with a dad rock professor. Beautiful! Inspiring! Only at Berklee!”
  2. “Berklee’s architecture is so simple, yet interesting. The number of windows gives it a vibe of relaxed transparency, but the strict cube-like shape points out that this is still an institution.”
  3. “A fantastic open gig at Berklee. Came here for the photo opportunity, came out with a new favorite band!”
  4. “Seeing a relatively smallish person carrying a huge upright bass on their back simply yells ‘Dedication’. I get truly inspired every time I see this.”

Massachusetts State House

Commonly referred to as the Boston State House, this structure on Beacon Hill is the seat of government for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It is widely famous, however, for its specific signature look and the fact that it can easily be seen from across the river, but mostly for its signature copper dome.

The Massachusetts State House is widely considered a masterpiece of Federal architecture and, as such, is an unavoidable photo opportunity for this gorgeous city. The buzzwords to be used here mostly revolve around architecture, government, and respect.

Massachusetts State House Caption Ideas

  1. “Sturdy architecture with an interesting and rather out-of-the-box copper dome. A perfect metaphor for Boston’s diversity.”
  2. “The Massachusetts State House used to have a wooden dome that leaked! This is why they replaced it with this baby! Goah-geous.”
  3. “This view from the Mass Ave Bridge reminds me that Boston is still a city on a hill, despite the skyscrapers claiming otherwise.”
  4. “Nothing more picturesque than sunlight reflecting on the famous gorgeous copper dome.”

The Irish Green

Let’s face it – neither the Berklee College of Music nor the State House is one of the first things that come to mind when you think ‘Boston.’ Instead, it’s Boston’s rich Irish ancestry. The green color theme might be most apparent during St. Paddy’s festivities, but the whole culture, even the native accent, most apparently obvious in the notorious ‘Southie’ resonates with Irish spirit.

The Irish culture doesn’t simply boil down to shamrocks, green-white-and-orange, and green-colored beer. The less superficial spirit of the Irish resides between the walls of the likes of the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, the Irish Pubs, and, of course, with the Boston Celtics. Sports fan or not, you’ve got to love the Celtics.

Massachusetts State House Caption Ideas

The Irish Green Caption Ideas

  1. “Not sure I’ve ever met anyone who didn’t enjoy going to a Celtics game. I’m not even that into sports, but this photo clearly captures the wonderful spirit of the Irish.”
  2. “Nothing like a cold Guinness in a pub called ‘Paddy’s.’ There’s whiskey in the jar, too!”
  3. “Learned a heckuva lot in the JFK museum today. This exhibit was my absolute favorite.”
  4. “I’ll definitely be back here for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade next year, too. Bostonians are amazing people.”

Take a Whole Day

If you truly want to capture the magic of the city of Boston, set aside an entire day to go around it and check it out. You can rest assured that you’ll have a bunch of awesome photos to show for it. The Massachusetts capital is simply a stunningly ‘handsome’ town. The cultural diversity, the music, the Irish spirit – it all boils down to a single word: Boston.

Do you have any Boston photos with neat captions? Feel free to share them in the comments section below.

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