Where to Get Tech Support for Your Brother Printer

Whether you’re using a printer in the office or at home, sometimes you may experience certain technical issues. Fortunately, printer manufacturers provide a lot of online resources to help you solve the most common problems by yourself.

If that’s not enough, you can always contact the manufacturer’s tech support. This applies to Brother printers as well.

Reaching Tech Support

If you have any problems using a printer manufactured by Brother, you can consult their online support at any time. You can also send them a question by filling out a form on their website or calling their tech support directly by phone.

Using the Online Resources

Brother’s online support page offers a wide variety of resources to help solve most of the issues you may encounter. It’s best to use the “Product Search” option to directly look for the support page dedicated to your printer.

Of course, you can also use one of the available shortcuts as well. This way you can quickly access driver downloads, manuals, troubleshooting guides, and frequently asked questions. The support page also lets you choose your country, for the most relevant support for your printer.

When you open the Product Search page, use the “Search by Model Name” option and type in the exact model of your printer. If you’re not certain which model it is, use the “Search by Product Category” option. Here you can choose from multiple categories, such as Inkjet Printers, Monochrome Laser Printers, Color Printers (Laser/LED), and many others.

get Brother Printer Tech Support

Once you reach the product page for your printer, you’ll see there are many options available. If you’re not certain how to use some of the printer functions, maybe it’s best to download the manual and read through it.

Your printer might’ve run into some software issues. To solve that, you can try reinstalling the driver for your operating system. Of course, if you’re not exactly sure what’s wrong with your printer, you can always read the FAQ or try the troubleshooting guide.

Besides the options mentioned above, the product support page lets you check your printer’s specifications. There’s also a list of operating systems compatible with this printer. If you ran out of printer cartridges, check the “Consumables & Accessories” to find the exact type that suits your printer.

Hopefully, one of these options will help you resolve any issues you may have encountered.

Brother Printer Tech Support

Contacting the Support Directly

Sometimes the product support page won’t be enough to help you solve the printer issues on your own. If that’s the case, then your last resort is to contact Brother’s customer support directly.

For anyone in the US, you can contact them by phone, at 877-BROTHER (877-276-8437). If you’re anywhere else in the world, it’s best to select your country from the Brother’s online support page. Depending on the country, you might be able to make a direct call, use the website’s chat feature, or send an e-mail to their tech support.

Also, please take note of the working hours for support teams, since these can differ depending on your location. This mostly affects phone calls and the live chat option.

Solving Common Issues

Most issues with printers usually stem from corrupt software drivers. Drivers are pieces of software that allow printers to communicate with your computer. Sometimes, they can become unstable. The reason for this could be a new update to your operating system or an unknown software-related issue.

To solve the issue, simply download and install fresh drivers for your Brother printer. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to https://support.brother.com/ using the web browser on the computer connected to your printer.
  2. Look at the menu to see which country is selected. Change the country or region if needed.
  3. Once you’ve selected your country, click “Product Search”.
  4. In the “Product Search” screen, enter the model name of your printer and click “Search”.
  5. This will open your printer’s product page.
  6. Click “Downloads”.
  7. In the next screen, first choose the operating system (Step 1), then its version (Step 2).
  8. Click “OK”.
  9. Now you should see the download page with all the available software for your printer.
  10. To make sure you get all the drivers you need, it’s recommended to go with the “Full Driver & Software Package”. To proceed, click on that link.
  11. The next screen provides an overview of the options you’ve chosen. To continue, click “Agree to the EULA and Download”.
  12. Your download should now start automatically. If not, you can use the link on the page that just opened.

This page also provides the installation instructions in the “How to Install” section. Please note that these steps might differ slightly between certain versions of the same operating system. Also, make sure that you disconnect the printer from your computer before you start installing the drivers.

Brother’s Support

Thanks to the various customer support options on Brother’s website, chances are you won’t have to contact them directly. If you didn’t manage to resolve the printer issues on your own, you can always contact their tech support. Depending on your location, you’ll have various options to do that.

Did you manage to sort out the issues you had with your Brother printer? Did you have to call their tech support? Please share your experiences in the comments section below.

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