How to Browse Games by Genre in the Xbox One Store

When using the Xbox One interface, Microsoft lets users browse for games in the Xbox Store by a number of categories: featured, deals, new releases, backward compatibility, and so on. But there’s no clear way to browse by genre. So, for example, if you want to check out basketball games, you could search for “basketball” or “NBA.” But if you want to see all sports games, there’s no obvious way to do it.
Thankfully, there’s a way that you can use the Xbox Store’s search feature and some filters to, basically, create your own game genre categories. Here’s how it works.
From your Xbox One console, head to the Store and select the Search button. In the search field, enter a single asterisk (*). Note that you may need to press the left trigger a few times to find the symbols section of the Xbox’s virtual keyboard.
xbox one wildcard search
In computing the asterisk is a wildcard character and, when entered alone, generally means “return all possible results.” This works in the Xbox interface, and means that entering only a single asterisk will return a list of every Xbox game in the Store.
xbox one browse by genre
From your initial search result, select Show All under the Games category. You can now use the filters at the top of the screen to refine your results, including a filter for game genre (or Category, as Microsoft calls it). There are also additional filters for game type, so you could, for example, search for all sports games that offer demos, or all DLC content for action games.
xbox one browse by genre
This kind of flexibility is unfortunately not present in the primary Store interface, but it can be incredibly helpful for those who aren’t certain of what they’re looking for and merely want to browse the available games in their favorite genres. While this technique works, we’d love to see it offered in a more obvious manner, along with other search functions such as the ability to sort by price or a specific rating.

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