How to Backtrack on Bumble

Bumble is one of the hottest dating apps around, and if you sign up for this “feminist-friendly” dating service you’ll probably be doing a lot of swiping. Most of us tend to go into a “swiping trance” when we’re on these apps, and that can lead to disaster when you suddenly realize that you just left-swiped on the future mother or father of your children. Fortunately, Bumble provides a method for backtracking and changing your mind (or at least reconsidering) an incorrect swipe. In this article, I will show you how to backtrack on Bumble, and how to get additional backtracks if you run out of your initial allotment.

Before we get into the details of how to backtrack, let’s go over the rules and procedures for swiping on Bumble.

Swipe Right

As with Tinder, swiping right on a Bumble profile means you like that person and want to start a conversation. If they in turn right-swipe on you, a match is generated and you can talk to one another. If you’re a man looking for women on Bumble Date, you’ll have to wait for the woman to initiate the conversation – that’s the unique feature of Bumble. For any other gender/orientation combination, or in the Bumble “friends” and “business” modes, either party can start the conversation. After a match, a conversation has to start within 24 hours, otherwise the match disappears. However, you can “extend” a match for another 24 hours with a paid upgrade to Bumble.

Here’s a fun fact: you can’t backtrack on someone you’ve swiped right on. You can only backtrack to give someone another chance.

Swipe Left

Swiping left, of course, signals that you don’t want to match with the person. Once you’ve left-swiped on someone, they won’t appear in your stack again (and you won’t appear in theirs). of someone’s profile on Bumble signifies that you don’t like that profile. Of course, accidents do happen. Whether you have a slip of the finger, or just change your mind after a little more thought, you can backtrack on a left-swipe and get a second chance.

Backtracking on Bumble

Unlike on Tinder, where the ability to get a redo is a premium feature that costs extra, on Bumble you can backtrack absolutely free. It’s also easy as pie. If you realize you shouldn’t have swiped left on someone, all you have to do is shake your phone.

If you are new to Bumble and swipe left by mistake, the natural thing you may try to do is swipe back to the profile. If you do that the above message will appear on the screen of your mobile device to notify you that you can just shuffle your phone to trigger a backtrack.

Once you shake your device to backtrack, a confirmation screen will pop up. If you’re sure, just drag the yellow circle to the right and poof, your potential match is back on the screen.

Supplies are Limited

Wait a minute – what’s that about three backtracks left? You mean there aren’t infinite backtracks? Sadly, no. You are allowed to have up to three backtracks stored up. The plus side is that backtracks are free; the down side is that you only get three at a time. and the app keeps track of how many of them you used up. This information is prominently displayed in the Backtrack confirmation window. Your backtracks regenerate every three hours, so you won’t be out of luck for long. You just have to wait.

I Hate Waiting!

If you can’t wait, then getting more backtracks is easy.

When you’re out of backtracks and can’t wait three hours, all you have to do is share your use of Bumble to your social media presence on sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.When you try to backtrack but are out of backtracks, the share window will pop up and let you put a message out there to your friends and followers. Just type the message that you wish to share and hit Post. Once you do that, your Backtracks will be replenished.

The Final Swipe

Now you’re equipped to change your mind on Bumble, so that careless fingers won’t cause you to miss out on the love of your life!

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4 thoughts on “How to Backtrack on Bumble”

Avatar Steph says:
Help as we were conversing as in messerging? What Happened?
Avatar Laura says:
I’ve swiped right throughout all of bumble’s potentials, and most of them were just hasty… is there really not any way possible to get them back? I just paid for a subscription… the new ones that pop up are just a few at a time.
Avatar Shelia Greene says:
I cancelled my membership but I was still charged. Either reactivate my membership or return my money. Bad reviews are not good for the site. I emailed and asked when my membership was up and you replied you get back to me but you did not. You obviously knew what the question was or you would not of replied.
You also have my email address so really no excuses please.
Avatar Catherine Williams says:
Actually, Bumble made a recent change in your ability to undo when you’re in the Beeline. You cannot shake your phone and uno if you swipe left on someone in the Beeline who has already liked you. It doesn’t work there at all. I don’t quite understand why they would take that feature away there. I like to start in that section, to check out guys that have already liked you. Would love to know if they are going to change that.

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