Does Bumble Notify the Other User When You Screenshot?

Posted by Arch on November 16, 2018

If you take your personal information and images of your respectable mug quite seriously, the dating app called Bumble might represent a pretty shady area for you.

Beloved among feminists, non-feminists and people who don’t even know what a feminist is, Bumble is an app that allows people from all walks of life to match, have a chat, and then hopefully work together towards a happy ending! (And by ‘happy ending’ we mean anything from marriage to, well, more of a casual type of ‘happy ending’, pardon our French.)

The curious thing about all dating apps, though, is that, while their sole purpose is to provide a fairly private platform where individuals have one-on-one conversations, it often happens that there are more people involved in the whole matter.

For example, user A gets matched with a certain user B. User A proceeds to initiate a conversation. The conversation turns out a fun and engaging one. User A, bashful of how the things may unfold further, summons their friend, their family pet lizard, and their aunt to advise them on how to proceed.

The result: More people have seen the profile pictures and the private messages of user B than user B necessarily assumes.

Now, while this can seem like an innocent enough practice, there are times when things can go sour in this department. (For example, getting the screenshots of your unflattering pictures posted on God knows what platform for the entire Internet to see. And we all know how unforgiving the World Wide Web can be at times.)

In this article, we’ll answer the hot question of – Does Bumble Notify the Other Party When You Take a Screenshot?

Right then, here’s the deal, folks!

Bumble’s Privacy Policy

To be fair, Bumble doesn’t and has never claimed to protect the information you provide to them during the process of creating your profile. (Which makes sense, because the goal is to get out there and be visible to people, right?)

Thus, upon creating a Bumble profile, you’ll be expected to understand that some of these pieces of information will be available not only to other Bumble users, but possibly also to their aunts, lizards, cats, and other domesticated animals! For example, your:

  1. name,
  2. age,
  3. Facebook photos (If you created your profile using Facebook.)
  4. common friends, and
  5. your approximate location

will all be available to the aforementioned array of users and non-users who might want to get their hands, claws, paws… whatever it is they’re operating with, on your data.

So, does Bumble Notify the Other Party if you Take a Screenshot of their Profile Picture?

To put it simply, no it doesn’t. The only things that are kept secret on Bumble regarding your personal information would be your password and financial information. (In case you used your credit card to buy one of their Boosts or otherwise subscribed to one of their premium member deals.)

What’s more, if you care enough to read through their privacy policy and the terms and conditions pages, you’ll see that they take all the necessary precautions to preserve your sensitive data from hackers or some other sort of abuse. (‘Don’t ever disclose your password to anyone…’- that sort of stuff.)

On the other hand, everything else is pretty much considered fair game, at least for now. So, if you want to take a screenshot of someone’s profile picture and send it to a friend for a quick evaluation, knock yourself out!

What About Private Conversations? Will You Get in Trouble for Screenshotting These?

That’s another resounding NO for ya. As long as the message in question does not contain someone’s sensitive information such as their credit card number or other stuff based on which you can commit some sort of criminal offense, you can take screenshots of your personal messaging history with someone to your heart’s content!

As is the case with the pictures, bringing a friend on board to help you raise red flags and play the devil’s advocate is a valid tactic in weeding out undesirable matches, so as long as you respect everyone’s privacy on the platform, screenshotting messages is perfectly fine on Bumble!

That’d be it, folks! Taking a screenshot of content on Bumble won’t get you in trouble and Bumble does NOT notify the other party if you take a screenshot. Still, make sure to treat everyone decently, don’t ask for anyone’s credit card number and pretend to be the prince of an African country, and Bob’s your uncle – You’re bound to have plenty of fun on the platform! We hope you found this article helpful and wish you plenty of luck with your Bumble-bound exploits!

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