Does Bumble Notify the Other Person When you Unmatch?

Posted by Jamie on September 4, 2018

If someone unmatches you on Bumble, are you notified? Does Bumble notify the other person when you unmatch them? What can you do if you really liked them and got unmatched? These are questions we see a lot in our email inbox here at TechJunkie and I think it only fair that we address some of them.

Online dating may be easier to manage than real life dating but it has the same anxieties and the same confusion as real life. Just because it’s a screen doesn’t mean we don’t get affected in the same way if we are rejected. So let’s dispel some of the confusion and answer some of those questions.

If someone unmatches you on Bumble, are you notified?

Are you notified if someone unmatches you on Bumble? If you matched with someone and see the notification, nothing beats that little shot of adrenalin you receive as you realize the potential. If you’re male, it’s now a waiting game. If you’re female, you will see the option to Start a Chat.

What happens next depends on many variables. If the girl likes you, they will chat. If the man likes you, you still have to initiate the chat to find out. If they unmatch you, you won’t be notified, they will just quietly disappear from your match queue.

Does Bumble notify the other person when you unmatch them?

This question is much the same as the first. If someone unmatches you, they simply disappear. So if you unmatch them, you will simply disappear from their match queue. There are no notifications as far as I know when someone unmatches. Bumble prefers to keep that humiliation quiet.

There is a reason for not notifying and it’s all about psychology. We love to hear good news, which is why you will get a push notification when you get a match. We aren’t so happy to hear bad news, which is why unmatching will often go unnoticed. As Bumble wants you to keep using the app it maximizes the positive messages while minimizing the not so positive ones.

If you keep getting bad news, the chances are you will stop using the app. Minor negatives can be overlooked or overshadowed by more positives and will be more likely to keep you using the app.

What can you do if you really liked someone and got unmatched?

If you matched with someone you got quite excited about and it expired or they disappeared, what can you do? The answer is not a lot until they come around again. Just like Tinder, the profile cards that fit your criteria are put back into the mix and will come around again at a later date.

Just how much later depends on where you live, how many Bumble users there are in your area and how narrow your criteria is. They will appear eventually though so be patient. Once you see them, match with them again and do something differently this time to catch their attention.

If you’re a girl, start a chat and see where it goes. If you’re a guy, Super Swipe them or Extend the match if you haven’t used up your daily extensions yet. They are the only two ways guys can show a girl he cares.

Tips avoiding being unmatched on Bumble

There are no hard and fast rules for online dating as we all look for different things. If there were a set of defined rules that worked all the time, dating would quickly become boring and I would quickly become very rich selling the secrets. Instead, there are some tips for getting more matches or keeping those matches you do get.

Make your profile image a good one

To get noticed enough to be matched, your profile pics need to be good. Have your primary image of you alone in good light, looking your best and most relaxed. Don’t have a group shot as your main pic as you don’t want them assuming you’re the ugly one or be more attracted to one of your friends.

Get help with your profile

Those Bumble users who don’t read profiles are not worth wasting any time on. The rest are worth it so once you have written a profile you think shows you in a good light, ask someone you trust to read it. Preferably someone of the same gender you’re trying to attract. Take their opinion on board and edit your profile to suit.

Ask lots of questions

Once you’re chatting on Bumble, asking the other person about themselves is always a good icebreaker. People like talking about themselves and most will not refuse an invitation to do just that. Just try to make them reasonably intelligent ones!

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