How To See Active Users in Bumble

Posted by Arch on January 9, 2019

Being one of the most popular dating and networking apps, Bumble offers its users a variety of features that help them meet others in an easy way. It’s a location-based app that allows users to find people near them.

Unfortunately, unlike many other similar apps out there, Bumble doesn’t let you see the list of active users. There are a couple of reasons for this and we’ll discuss them a bit later. There have been some similar options available, but Bumble decided to get rid of them as well.

Here we’ll take a look at why this is the case and offer an alternative that you can use to make up for the lack of this feature.

Why Doesn’t Bumble Let You See Active Users?

Many dating apps allow you to see the list of people that are actively using the app. This makes it easier for everyone to see whether the users are still interested in meeting new people or if they have stopped using the app and moved on. However, being able to see who is active isn’t something that everybody wants.

Bumble used to have the ‘Last online’ feature, which allowed everyone to see the last time that users have opened the app. With this information, people could conclude whether the users are still active or not. The problem with this is that some people thought that this feature enabled stalking.

Not everyone is comfortable with sharing the information about the last time they’ve been online, which is why Bumble decided to remove this feature. Now there’s no difference between active and inactive profiles. The only thing that users are able to see is the list of all Bumble users, active or inactive.

Even though this makes it harder to distinguish active users from those that haven’t opened the app in months, Bumble didn’t want to risk losing their users because they felt uncomfortable sharing this information.

Some people also believe that one of the reasons why Bumble is doing this is to create an illusion of having a large number of users. Since there’s virtually no way of saying who is active, the list of users might appear long, even if many of them aren’t even using the app.

Whatever the case may be, Bumble doesn’t want to reveal its list of active users. If you want to know if the person you’re interested in is using the app, there is still a way to find this out.

What Can You Do?

Many people will be glad to hear that there is a way around Bumble’s decision, at least to some extent. Even though you might not be able to see if a person is active, you can still infer it by following their profile.

Since Bumble is a location-based app, the user’s location changes while they’re using it. Every time someone opens the app, their location updates. If you notice that the user’s location is changing frequently, it might mean that they’re still active.

Even though this involves even more stalking than just simply looking at the time stamp, it is really the only way of knowing whether someone is active or not. It might not be the best one, but currently there’s no better option.

The fact that someone’s location has changed doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re still active. They might’ve just opened the app by accident or without the intention of chatting or matching with anyone.

Another thing that you can do is check whether the user has updated their bio or photos recently. If they have, this is a clear sign that they’re still active.

Probably the best thing that you can do is to simply send a polite message to the user you want to chat with. If they feel the same way, they’ll respond, and if not, there are many more out there. This will save you time and energy and save you from feeling like a stalker.

The Final Word

Despite not letting you see the list of active users, Bumble still has a ton of features that make it easy to find someone. When you think about it, whether someone is active or not doesn’t really make a difference. If they feel like chatting with you, the only thing you need to do is send them a message. If you don’t get a reply, simply move on.

In case the lack of this feature is a deal-breaker for you, there are many other dating apps that you can try out. Many of them offer the ability to see who’s online, so you’ll still be able to do it. And in case Bumble changes their position, you can always go back to it.

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