Bungie Explains Destiny Xur’s Exotics In Fact Random

Posted by RecomHub on February 3, 2015

Many players of the game Destiny are not very satisfied with the Bungie because the company is purposely keeping the best exotic gear away from player for Xur’s selection. But Bungie has recently came out with a statement explaining that the company doesn’t have any control over what the NPC sells and that Destiny Xur’s exotics are all at random.

The reason for this argument is because the Exotic armor and weapons being sold in recent weeks were a little special as they were an exact duplicate from four weeks prior. This caused PlayStation and Xbox players to question whether the vendor’s goods were random.

The argument that what Xûr offers for sale is determined by Bungie was the following video captured by Bungie forum user wikiddd from a now-deleted Twitch broadcast.  “Xur is randomized. There are times when we can pull off miracles like making him stay in the Tower longer when Christmas is cancelled, but his inventory is governed by the same chaos that influences all the loot drops.”

Below is an image of the locations of Xur over the weeks, showing how Xur has appeared in random locations each week in the tower.




It could possible be true that Xûr’s inventory is random. The reason for this is because every piece of Exotic armor and weapon are weighted to favor some items over others. This justification could easily make senses because Exotic items from The Dark Below have been heavily favored since the expansion’s release. While some of the game’s most best weapons, like Icebreaker and Gjallarhorn, are rarely seen.

If you look at what Xûr has offered up for Exotic weapons over the past eight weeks since The Dark Below was released. It shows an even distribution of weapons from the expansion and weapons that came with the game at launch:

  • Dragon’s Breath (TDB weapon) – 2 appearances
  • No Land Beyond (TDB weapon) – 2 appearances
  • The Last Word (Launch weapon) – 1 appearance
  • Patience and Time (Launch weapon) – 1 appearance
  • Truth (Launch weapon) – 1 appearance
  • Ice Breaker (Launch weapon) – 1 appearance

The armor selections show a similar distribution but are weighted slightly towards certain pieces from The Dark Below by a margin of 13 to 11. Again though, pieces like Mk. 44 Stand Asides and Starfire Protocol from the expansion have shown repeatedly, suggesting that there is some weighting towards them.


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