Can’t Sync My Settings In Windows 10 (Solution)

In one of our previous articles we talked about this particular issue: you have a Microsoft account and you’re using several devices, all running on Windows; you’d like to keep the same settings on all your devices, once and for all. As it turns out, going through all those steps to configure settings and enable synchronization isn’t enough and some can’t sync my settings in Windows 10.

Can’t sync my settings in Windows 10 is a common problem among many users. The wrong feedback and diagnostics settings are often to blame, but we’ve come up with two different strategies for you. Read on, decide which one will best suit your needs, and put it into practice:


Solve settings syncing problem in Windows 10 with Feedback & Diagnostics settings

The first solution we suggest you is to change these particular settings that might interfere with syncing your devices, this should help solve the can’t sync my settings in Windows 10:

  1. Access the Settings center;
  2. Go to Privacy;
  3. Click on Feedback & diagnostics;
  4. Adjust the Diagnostics and usage settings from Basic to Enhanced or anything else you prefer;
  5. Close everything and restart the device.


From now on, you should be able to sync your settings and devices without any other problem. If the error persists, it might be something wrong with your own Microsoft Account.

To test this theory and actually get to enjoy the so-much-needed syncing, proceed with our second suggestion if you still can’t sync my settings in Windows 10.


Solve settings syncing problem in Windows 10 with a different Microsoft account

A Microsoft account is essential in this process because you cannot access or personalize any setting without being logged into your Microsoft account. You’ve covered the issue of Feedback and diagnostics settings but still can’t sync your devices?

Create a new Microsoft account with the preferred settings and try to configure your Windows devices with this one:

  1. Access the Settings center;
  2. Go to Accounts;
  3. Click on Add Microsoft Account;
  4. Fill in all the necessary data for creating and configuring your new account;
  5. Follow all the other instructions until you get to log into your new Microsoft account.


After that, check once again if syncing is working. Needless to say, if you’re now getting all those settings on any other Windows device, it was a problem with your old account. In order to maintain everything in place, from now on, you should rely on the newly created account.

Let us know which option worked for you and how exactly did you overcome the can’t sync my settings in Windows 10 problem.


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