Cat Hashtags for that Crazy Feline in your Life

Mysterious and elegant, cats are the sort of animal who can be your best buddy in the entire world!

….if they happen to like you, that is. It’s in their feline nature to sense a person who doesn’t fit their peculiar personality and then proceed to just ignore them in the most soul-crushing way known to man.

Cat doesn’t care. You can go on vacation and leave it in your apartment or house with enough food and they’ll be alright. After you come back some, say, two weeks later, all happy to see them again, they’ll act as if they’ve seen you five minutes ago. Or they won’t react in any particular way at all. They’re independent like that.

A dog would probably pee AND poop itself out of happiness when they see you after two weeks! (Which is adorable and respectable in its own way, of course.)

If you’re a cat owner, or more precisely put- just happen to have a cat live in the same area as you (Cats don’t seem to care too much about the concept of being a pet- and good for them!), you might have already noticed how incredibly cute and photogenic these creatures are.

Perfect stuff for Instagram, wouldn’t you say?

In this here article, we’ve devised a list of hashtags you can use to make your cat-related captions or photos on this amicable social media website more easily-found and therefore- more popular!

Without further ado, let’s dig right into our Cat hashtags for Instagram!

The Feline Hashtag Family

Cats come in all shapes and sizes. Especially sizes, since their predatory nature means they’ll spend most of their time just lazing about the house, ironically enough. But when they are active, they’re really active. All in! Just look at their bigger cousins- tigers and lions. (Well, lionesses rather, male lions can’t be bothered to hunt most of the time, it seems.)

Anyway, to make it easier for you to find the perfect hashtag for the breed of cat you happen to have, we’ve organized a couple of categories. Mind you, this list represents merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the breeds and looks of domestic cats in existence, but with a bit of adapting, you can make most of these work for your cat, as well! Alright then, here’s the deal:

General Cat-Related Hashtags (The Basic Package)

If you’re planning to start spamming the over-saturated waters of Instagram with even more cat-related content, you’ve come to the right place! Jokes aside, it seems that there will never be enough photos of these cuddly companions on the Internet, so posting a bunch of your own making (We mean the photos, you can’t create a cat all Frankenstein style. Right? We hope you can’t. Maybe there’s like some mad Teutonic scientist out there at it as we speak. Nope. Can’t be done, don’t want to think about it.) Anyway, here are the hashtags:

#cat #catsofinstagram #cats #catstagram #instacat #catlover #catoftheday #ilovemycat #catlovers #lovecats #instagramcats #catlife #catwalk #cats_of_instagram

Fat Cat Hashtags

Ah, right! The fat cat. The plump feline who can’t be bothered about virtually anything. If normal-sized cats are lazy, then plus-sized cats are the masters of the craft of laziness with a degree at the University of Lazy situated in Lazy Town. Wait, that’s actually a name of an Icelandic kids show. Ehh…. Alright, anyway- the fat cat hashtags! Do enjoy.

#fatcat #fatcats #fatcatsofinstagram #fatcatlife #fatcatlove #fatcatsrule #fatcatfriday

Note: We don’t in any way approve of purposefully making your cat fat so that you can use its pictures on Instagram! (If your cat happens to already be, well, plus-sized, then alright, but please do take measures to improve its health!)

Ginger Cat Hashtags

Ginger hair and ginger fur seem to be the endless source of entertainment for people online for some odd reason. Nobody quite knows why, it just how God intended it to be, it seems. If your cat happens to have ginger fur, you can use some of the following hashtags:

#gingercat #gingercats #gingercatsrule #gingercatnation #gingercatsarethebest #gingercatsrock #gingercatsofig

Oh! If your cat is ginger AND fat, you can make a Garfield reference! Again: We do not approve of coloring your already obese cat orange for purposes of online entertainment!

All in all, whether your feline companion is ginger, black ‘n’ white, obese, clumsy or simply too adorable NOT to be put immediately on the Internet in some form or another- please do pick Instagram as your weapon of choice. You’ll have a blast, for sure! (And plenty of followers, for good measure!).

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