How To Center Your Instagram Bio

Posted by Sydney on November 11, 2018

Centered bios have become increasingly more popular on Instagram and for good reason. They catch the eye, putting your message (and keywords) front and center for your followers and potential followers to see. Many users feel they are more visually appealing and make a profile stand out and command more attention. Although Instagram is notoriously limiting when it comes to customizing profiles, it is possible to take back a little of your creative flare and center or stagger your bio. After all, which of these would you rather follow?




How to Center a Bio

When you open up your Instagram profile in order to edit your content, you may be a bit confused on what needs to be activated in order to properly center your bio. While most text editors typically have controls for adjusting your text, Instagram offers a blank space with no options to design how your text looks or works. Simply put, though alignment controls are missing from your profile, you won’t need them to make it work. Instagram does a good job at taking what you enter in the box and making it look good.

We recommend using the web version of Instagram for this, but it’s also absolutely doable on mobile platforms. Whichever platform you choose, open up to the the edit profile display and control it by using the spaces within these arrows.


Copy and paste the spaces into your bio, or use your own spaces to create your own effect. You can either center your text using this method, or you can choose to stagger your text by using a mixed number of spaces on each line. In order to ensure everything is centered, make sure to adjust the spaces on each line as need be. If you’re doing this on your computer, make sure to save and view your profile on the mobile app to see what your bio will look like to anyone checking Instagram on their phone.

Should I Center or Stagger?

That’s really between you and your bio. However you choose to shape your bio, make sure the format compliments the content. Staggered bios work well when you have three or four clean statements. However, they don’t work as well when you’re trying to highlight contact information.

Good Example: instagram-center-bio-3

Bad Example: instagram-center-bio-4

Notice that the second example tiered less fluidly because the last line was too short. Also, it doesn’t highlight the contact information in the same way that a centered bio would.


Think about what you want your followers and potential followers to take away from your bio, how your bio reads, and what information you’d like to highlight.

When Not to Center a Bio

Sometimes, your profile is better served by not having a centered bio. Centered bios come with their downsides, including:

    • Lack of space for characters. Bios have a 160 character limit and spaces count toward that limit.
    • Poor desktop view. Centered bios do not come across as effectively on desktop. Of course, most people will be checking Instagram on their phones.
    • Centered bios break up text. If your bio is comprised of short statements, this might not matter for you. It can also be helpful for highlighting disparate elements like email addresses. However, if you interrupt the flow of your bio, forcing it onto separate lines, it might look awkward and be hard to read.

Centering or staggering your bio on Instagram can really help make your profile stand out in a crowd. Whether you’re looking to help show off your contact information or you just want to make your bio look more interesting, centering and staggering text on Instagram is surprisingly easy.

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