How to Change Your Age on PS4

How to Change Your Age on PS4

Many of us have been gaming for a while now. The latest generation of consoles are over six years old, and despite their age, there are still loads of impressive games being released on them. However, if you happened to be younger than 18 when you first got your hands on your console, you might have “accidentally” set your birthday a bit earlier than it was, so you could get access to games that were rated for an age you hadn’t yet reached. Or maybe it actually was a mistake!

Either way, if you’ve entered an incorrect date of birth on your PlayStation account and want to change it, we’ve looked high and low to try and help you to fix your… error. It’s important to have the right age attached purely because if you ever forget your password, you’ll need to tell them your age as part of proving your identity.

Sony Says No

If you go to Sony’s PlayStation website and sign in to your account, you’ll be told that you’re only allowed to change some of the information attached to it. You can change your name, your email address, your Online ID, gender, address, and your language. However, according to this website, there are two things that are unchangeable: your country, and importantly, your age.

Fortunately, we live in a world of interconnected accounts and product cross-pollination. While it’s true that you can’t change your account via the PlayStation website, there’s still one sneaky back door method to fix the date of birth connected to your account.


Yes, I Totally Do Have a Sony Phone

Sony doesn’t just make the PlayStation range of consoles. They have their fingers in a lot of electronic pies, and one of the gadgets that they’ve been making for a while now is their Xperia range of mobile phones.

Funnily enough, you’re more likely to be in luck if you’ve never actually owned one, as the only way you can change your age on a Sony account that already exists is to use it to connect to the Sony Mobile service. When you connect to this part of Sony’s network with your pre-existing PlayStation account, it asks for your date of birth as part of the registration process.


Changing Your Age Using Sony Mobile

Before you do this, keep in mind that this is a one-time only deal. Once you’ve linked your PlayStation account to a Sony Mobile account and entered a date of birth there, the date of birth that you enter will be the one that you’ll be stuck with from now on. So, don’t make any mistakes, and don’t make the change unless you’re absolutely sure that this is the age that you want to have associated with your PlayStation account from now on.

Here’s what you need to do to do:

  1. Open your computer’s web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, etc.)
  2. Enter in the browser bar and press enter, or click on the link provided here.
  3. In the text box labelled E-mail address, enter the address you use to log in to the PlayStation account that you want to change the age for.
  4. Click on the blue Sign in button.
  5. When the next page loads, enter your password into the Password text box and click on the blue Sign In button.
  6. Scroll down to where it says Date of birth, and use the drop-down menus to enter the date of birth that you want to use from now on.
  7. Click on the box to confirm that you have read the privacy statement.
  8. Click on the blue Save button.

Again, we can’t stress this enough, this is the one and only ways currently available for you to ever change the age connected to your PlayStation account. If you get it wrong this time, you’re basically out of luck unless Sony finally decides to make everyone’s life a little bit easier.

One and Done

There you have it – the only existing method for changing your age on your PS4. It’s a sneaky little workaround that takes advantage of the multifarious accounts required for logging in to the wide range of tech devices that Sony produces. That said, if by magic you’ve found a method that we’ve missed, please prove us wrong and share it in the comments section below!

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