How To Change your Age in the Tik Tok App

Posted by Jessie Richardson on May 30, 2019

After TikTok began its big cleanup to delete underage accounts after the FCA ruling earlier this year, we have seen a rise in questions around changing your age in TikTok as well as general profile editing questions. So can you change your age on your TikTok account?

Earlier this year, the FTC ruled that TikTok violated the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) in the US. This resulted in an agreement between the company who runs TikTok to separate under age accounts from the main platform. Under 13s will no longer be able to share videos, which is mainly the point of the app. This is what has prompted the rise in questions around changing age.

It isn’t just the under 13s asking. A number of users over 13 have had their accounts deleted by mistake too. This is old news now but some TechJunkie users are still asking about changing their age in TikTok.

Changing your age in TikTok

Back to the original question, can you change your age in TikTok? The short answer is unfortunately no. You can edit your profile in any number of ways but you cannot change the age you originally entered when you first registered your account. This makes sense even if it isn’t the answer you wanted. It prevents underage users simply adding a couple years onto their age so they can access the full app and get TikTok into trouble again.

Edit your TikTok account

You can change most elements of your TikTok profile including your username, profile pic, video and bio. You cannot change your age. You can make all these changes from within your profile.

  1. Log into TikTok as usual.
  2. Select Edit Profile from within your profile page.
  3. Select Profile Photo to change the main image or Profile Video to change your profile video.
  4. Select your Profile name to change it. If you’re setting up a new account, you will likely have a default username there. Select it and type in a desired username to replace it.
  5. Add a bio where it says ‘No bio yet’ underneath your new username.
  6. Select Save in the top right of the screen once you’re done.

You can obviously add whatever pic, video and username you like but it might help to take a minute to think about how you want to be perceived on the app. TikTok is predominantly for teens to make and share videos but is also increasingly being used for brands and businesses to advertise. This offers some moneymaking opportunities for enterprising TikTokers.

If you want to be one of these, you need to think about how you appear on TikTok.

Creating a brandable profile on TikTok

Brands are now very socially savvy and will only associate themselves with the most wholesome users who are the least likely to generate controversy or negative PR. If you want to monetize TikTok, you need to bear that in mind when creating your account or editing your profile.

Your profile pic should be a head and shoulders shot and show you at your best. That means no dumb poses, pulling faces, wearing anything too revealing or showing anything connected to drugs or weapons.

Your profile video should be equally wholesome. Showcase yourself at your best and use the video to show off your unique skills. Be aware of what you’re wearing, where you’re shooting the video and make sure it is not anything your parents wouldn’t approve of. They may never see it but a brand or brand agent will look at it the same way.

Finally, your username and bio should reflect your personality but also be marketable. You also need to link it to the type of content you want to produce. For example, if you want to make videos around your love of food, your name should be related to that. If you’re a fire juggler, your name should reflect that. The more your username hints at what you do, the more marketable it is.

Make your name unique but also descriptive. Try not to make it sound juvenile or dumb and never use cuss words or insulting language in either your username or bio.

It’s a lot to take in but if you want to make money from TikTok, these are all things you need to consider. You have to view your TikTok profile using the eyes of your potential audience. It’s difficult to do but just imagine you are the person you’re hoping will watch your videos. What would they like? What names would they dislike? What do you think they would want to see in a video? You get the idea.

You cannot change your age in TikTok but for good reason. You can change everything else about your profile though. Just have an eye to how you want to use the app and how you want to be viewed by others using the app. If you don’t like the username you choose, you’re stuck with it for at least 30 days so choose carefully!

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