How to Change Background Color Instagram Stories

Posted by Arch on November 12, 2019
how to change background color instagram stories

As we all know, Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps on the planet. It heavily revolves around pictures and videos, with only a fraction of attention dedicated to texts, emojis, etc. With visuals the name of the game here, Instagram is all about providing beautiful content for your followers.

As such, it could easily be claimed that Instagram is a form of art – where there’s beauty to be achieved, there’s art to be made out of it. Stories are one of the main focuses on Instagram. And the background is the foundation of every story.

Why Not Posts?

Nobody said that posts were irrelevant. In fact, the posts are your profile’s portfolio – the first thing that your followers or followers-to-be see when they get to your profile. As such, posts need to be engaging, interesting, relevant, and good-looking.

If so, why are the stories so important then? After all, they pretty much get deleted after 24 hours, never to be seen again. Well, because this is what keeps your followers engaged with your Instagram profile. The more engagement you get, the more followers will start flocking on a steady basis. Your followers will also be inclined to send your stories to other users and share them on their own profiles. Plus, you can save any one of your stories to your ‘Highlights’ section.

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The Background

The background color of your story needs to fit the entire, well, picture, if you will. If it doesn’t, it might come off as clunky, unseemly, and, frankly, unprofessional. The better you match the background with the actual color or style of your story, the better the whole thing will look.

Now, by default, whenever you post an image as your story, the app itself will try to match the background the best it can. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t – it’s never perfect. Here’s how to work your story’s background.

Adding the Background

Actually, you never have to ‘add’ the background. The background is always there, whether you see it or not. For instance, if you want to add someone else’s story that you were tagged in as your own story, you’ll see that the actual post is smaller, exposing the background behind it.

Now, tap the scribble icon, located to the text icon’s left, at the very top of the page. Choose one of the marker tools towards the top. If you move your finger over the screen, you’ll get to scribble. Long-press while in this mode, and you’ll get to choose the solid background color. Different tools will do different things on long-press, so feel free to mess around with these.


If you want the background color to exactly match a certain part of the image that you’re trying to post as a story, use the Dropper Tool. This tool will allow you to select the exact color of a particular area and use it for your background, brush, you name it. The Dropper Tool is located in the bottom-left corner on the screen. If you want the entire background in the sampled color, long-press the screen, and you’ll have it.

Create the Screen

If you want to go old-school with a story and create it from scratch, select Create from the story menu. In order to edit a story using the Create Tool, act as if you were taking a photo while using it. After doing this, the story becomes a regular one, allowing you to add text, change the background color, use the Dropper Tool, etc.

Now, tap the scribble tool next to the text tool, select the brush that you want to use, pick a color, and press and hold the screen. This will change the background color.

Upload a Picture

As you can see, changing the background color on your story works pretty much the same, whether you’re sharing a story that you’ve been tagged in, or creating a new story screen. This might lead you to believe that it goes the same for uploading a picture from your camera roll for a story, but you’d be wrong. Here, things are a bit more complicated.

If you try and use an image from the camera roll, select the scribble tool, pick a color, and hold the screen, you’ll see the entire screen turn a solid color that you’ve selected. What happened here is your picture basically got covered by the background layer. If you pick the eraser tool, you can still get to your picture by erasing the parts of the layer. This can make for a neat effect in itself, but if you want to strictly change your background, this isn’t the way to go.

background color instagram stories

Another way to go would be using the highlight tool. This will also create a layer of background over your image, but it will be transparent. Again, this can be a cool effect, but it might not really do what you want it to.

Luckily, there’s a workaround here. First, choose the Create tool. Now, go to your photos on your phone and look for the one that you want to post. Now, copy the image. Yes, simply copy it. Now, back to Instagram. Choose the text option and just paste the image. This will create an image above the applied background layer. The best part here is that you can sample the color from the image, long-press it using the first brush, and the layer of background won’t cover your photo.

Instagram and Backgrounds

As you can see, there are many options to discover and play around with when it comes to Instagram stories and backgrounds. It may not all be simple and straightforward, but with some knowledge and creativity, you can come up with amazing stories that will get many reshares.

Have you played around with the Instagram story backgrounds? With a little bit of creativity, you can create very unique backgrounds. Feel free to post the stories that you’re the proudest of in the comments section below and don’t be a stranger, ask away if you have any questions.

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