How to Change Edge’s Default Search Engine

Edge is Microsoft’s new browser for Windows 10. You can open it by selecting the E button on the Windows 10 taskbar. Edge’s default search engine is Bing, so when you enter keywords in the search bar it will open a list of sites with Bing. However, you can change its default search engine to other alternatives.

First, open the search engine you’re going to set up as the default in the browser. For example, to make Google the default search engine opens its page in Edge. That’s because Edge detects search engines with the OpenSearch search standard technologies.

Then you should press the button at the top right of the browser’s window. Click Settings and scroll down the menu a little more until you find the View advanced settings button shown in the shot below. Click that button to open the Advanced Settings menu.


Scroll down the Advance Settings menu until you find Search in the address bar with box. That will be set to Bing, but now you can change it to Google, or whatever other search engine you open in Edge (note that they must support OpenSearch). Press the Change button to open a list of search engines as below.


Then select an alternative default search engine from there. That will become your default search engine when you press the Set as default button.

Now try it out by entering a keyword in the search bar at the top of Edge. It will open a list of pages found with your new default search engine. In addition, this also switches the default search engine for the search box on the browser’s New tab page.

So if Bing is not your search engine of choice, you can now switch it to alternative default engines in Edge. Note that this tip only adjusts the default settings in Edge, and will not configure Cortana Web search settings. 

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