How to Change the Default Mail Signature on Your iPhone

Posted by Will on February 3, 2016

When you purchase a new iPhone, the built-in Mail app comes with a default “Sent from my iPhone” signature. Surely, this is great advertising for Apple, but the message is also there to convey to receivers of your email that you’re on a mobile device, and your reply is not likely to be too wordy. That was a good idea back in the early days of smartphones when they were rare and coveted wonders to be held, but now that everyone is toting around the same mobile devices the automated signatures are, at best, annoying.

Lose Apple’s default Mail signature in just two quick steps by following the directions below.


Step one: Head Mail settings

The first thing you’ll want to do is to adjust your Mail app settings. You can get to those controls by going into your Settings app, then scrolling halfway down the page until you reach Mail, Contacts, Calendars, as shown below.

change mail signature in iOS in settings


Step two: Change the default signature

signature in iPhone

From here, all you need do is go down to the Signature option and tap on it to open it up. If you’ve kept Apple’s default signature all this time, your screen should look something like this:

standard Mail app signature in iOS


Move the cursor to the end of the signature line (by using your finger to touch the last character in the signature) and delete that bad boy using the delete key. Once erased, you can change your signature to anything you fancy. When you’re done, hit the back button (that’s the blue arrow in the upper-left of your screen that leads back to your mail settings.) You should now see a newly improved signature all set up and ready to go.

changed signature in Mail app


If you have multiple accounts, you can change each account to reflect a business, personal, family signature, or whatever your heart desires. Pay careful attention to which account you’re changing because you certainly don’t want to send a “Love, Mom” signature to your boss!



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