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Posted by Robert Hayes on March 28, 2019

If you use an Android phone, you may be using the “OK Google” voice-activation command to launch the Google Assistant, Google’s answer to Microsoft’s Cortana and Amazon’s Alexa. The Google Assistant offers a lot of features, such as the ability to launch programs on your computer or smartphone, to start TV shows or music playlists, even to dim the lights in your house or turn various appliances on and off. There really are any number of things you can get done with the Assistant, but one thing that it can’t do is change its voice-activation command. Google will let you set it to “OK Google” or, on some later devices, “Hey Google” – but if you dream of emulating Captain Picard and barking out “Computer!” your dream can’t be fulfilled…or can it?

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The truth is that Google could enable you to make your voice activation command anything you wish, but they don’t want to. For whatever reason – probably something to do with someone in marketing being on a little bit of a power trip – the company wants you to have to say its name before the Assistant will do anything for you. Fortunately, the very nature of Google’s software architecture is that it is hackable and modifiable, and so what Google has refused to do, third parties have eagerly done. By the use of additional software, you can change your Google Assistant voice activation phrase to be anything you want. In this article, I will show you the various methods of doing this, and walk you through each of them. By the time we’re done, Google Assistant will be dancing to your tune. (Want to see a list of (almost) every Google Assistant command?)

Changing Your Google Assistant Hotword

The first thing to do to enable these methods is to make sure that you have the latest version of the Google app installed on your smartphone. Once you have the latest and greatest version of Google installed, you can proceed.

Method 1 – Using the Open Mic+ App

Open Mic+ is an app that supplements the Google Assistant, adding a variety of features such as offline voice recognition and integration with Tasker, an extremely powerful Android automation system. (We have a good tutorial with information on some great Tasker profiles.) For our purposes today, however, we’re most interested in the feature of Open Mic+ that lets you replace the voice command used to activate the Google Assistant.

Step 1

For Open Mic+ to work, you have to disable the hotword detection in Google Now. This is easy to do, although it may not be easy to find. You may need to search around your Settings dialogs to find the proper settings, but they’ll be there. Launch the Settings app on your phone, and scroll down or search for Google. Tap on Google and scroll down to the settings for “Search, Assistant, & Voice”. Tap “Settings” again, then “Voice”, then “Voice Match”. Deselect the setting for “Say ‘OK Google’ any time”.

Step 2

Next, launch the Open Mic+ app. Open Mic+ has been pulled from the Google Play store by the developer, but it is still available on Amazon. (If you don’t already have the Amazon App Store app installed, you will need to install that first in order to get the Open Mic+ app.)

Open the Open Mic+ app, and you’ll see the beginning screen. Tap on the preferences sliders to open the settings dialog.

Once into the preferences screen, tap on “Hot Phrase”, and then type in the phrase you want to use going forward. (You might want to resist the temptation to get too cute with this; making your phrase something like “Hey Baby, Did I Turn You On?” is funny when you’re at home alone, but maybe less funny when your boss asks you to look something up on your phone at work.) For our demonstration, we’ll go with Captain Picard and change the activation phrase to “Computer”. 

When you’re done typing the phrase, just tap on the “OK” button. Hit the return button in the upper left corner to exit preferences.

Step 3

You should now see a big green button labeled “Start”. Tap that and record your phrase, then hit “Stop”. the Once you have chosen the phrase and completed all the settings in the previous step, you will see a screen that actually records your phrase. When you are ready, just click on the big green Play button. After all the three steps are complete, you can say your chosen hotword instead of “OK Google” and your Google Assistant will be right there, ready to take your voice command.

Method 2 – Using the Tasker App

Open Mic+ works…most of the time. Unfortunately the app is not in active development at this time, and it’s possible that it won’t install or won’t run properly on your phone. A more reliable method of changing your Assistant hotword is to download and install the very popular Tasker app. Tasker isn’t free; it’s $2.99, but honestly, it’s the best $2.99 you will ever spend if you use your phone a lot. As the name suggests, Tasker handles all kinds of tasks, and when loaded with the right plugins, it can let you change your Google Assistant hotword. Once you’ve got Tasker, you will also need to install the AutoVoice app from the same developer; this download is free but AutoVoice is ad-supported.


Step 1

First, you need to go to your “Settings” and then choose “Accessibility”. In the list of options, find “AutoVoice Google Now Integration” and “Tasker” and toggle the switches next to those entries to enable the functionality.

Step 2

Open the Tasker app, tap on the plus sign, and then add “Event”. From the list of options, select “Plugin” and then choose “AutoVoice” and “Recognized”. Click the edit button next to “Configuration” and then tap “The Hard Way”. Tap “Speak Filter”. You’ll be prompted to speak your new command phrase. Then tap the checkmark to exit.

Once you’ve done that, simply tap on the edit button and then tap on “Speak filter”. The “Speak filter” option will prompt you to say your new hotword loud and clear. After that, just save the Event and you’re good to go. Your virtual Android assistant will now respond only to the new hotword.


Google Assistant is a powerful tool, and it’s a shame that Google won’t just let people set their own command phrases. However, since for the time being at least they won’t, it’s up to us to hack our devices to make them work the way we want them to work.

(Would you like to just be rid of the Google Assistant altogether? You can do that with our tutorial on turning the Google Assistant off.)

Do you have any other suggestions for ways to change the command phrase for the Google Assistant? Let us know about them in the comments if you do!

9 thoughts on “How To Change OK Google to Something Else”

Fokko says:
The test button works after I completed all the steps. So okay save and done right? Close the Tasker app and say the word. Nothing happens, say hey Google, that still works, so nothing is changing
Brandon Bjorke says:
A number of people are having trouble with the Tasker asking to delete an unfinished command. That seems to be because the author of this article stopped halfway through creating the profile.

In order to create a profile, you need to set a command and then an action (Or task). The author only walked us through creating the command.

When you finish speaking your new command phrase go back (However you go back on your phone) and then you should see a Circle with an i, a check mark and an x in the upper left-hand corner.

Touch the Checkmark

Then touch the arrow in the upper left-hand side of the screen.

It will then come up with a ‘New Task +’ popup. Touch new task and you will get a popup just like then you started ‘Optional’ where you could name the task in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. Touch the checkmark and you will be brought to a screen to tell the profile what should happen when your command phrase is uttered.

Click the + in the bottom left and you can then select an action.

I chose Action > Long Power Button to activate voice

Back, back and you should now have a complete profile with auto voice recognize command in grey and a green arrow pointing to long power button.

Jesse says:
Thank you Brandon. Although your instructions helped me complete the profile nothing seems to be happening when I use my hot word. I’ve attempted this so many times everything is blending together. Any further advice?
Michael says:
This doesn’t work at least not on a pixel 2XL. Just force closes.
I can’t believe Google’s ego is so hardcore that they need you to say their name every time you want to use the phone that I bought.
dave binkley says:
Tasker instructions didnt work for me at all. After i go through all the motions, it asks if i want to delete an unfinished profile. It wont seem to save the event changes. I do the hard way option, and set it to “hey computer” when i hit the check mark i get back to the event page that is now filled with a bit of code. I have a choice of refreshing, or a back key.. refresh just makes me do everything over again. Back key brings me back to the profile view.. you can see autovoice, recognized, and command with nothing next to those words. Clicking anything .. ANYTHING on this page asks if i want to delete that profile.
Myntkay says:
In my case, after installing auto voice and watching the ad to get the app active, then I followed step 1 but when it came to creating an event, auto voice wasn’t listed as a plugin. Anyone else encountering the same issue?
David Ravashiere says:
Trying to use Tasker to change the hotword in Android 9 Pie. Followed your instructions but am running in to some issues. Here’s what happens:
1. Following your instructions (above) I get to the point where I am speaking my new hotword in the “Speak Filter”.
2. After speaking my new hotword a window opens asking me to “Choose Voice Command” from a list (which includes variations of the command I just spoke).
3. Once I choose (confirm) my voice command the “Choose Voice Command” window closes, and “The Hard Way” page comes back up.
4. There is no checkmark on “The Hard Way” page for me to tap … so I have to backup to the “AutoVoice Recognition” page to find a check mark to tap
5. After tapping the check mark on the “AutoVoice Recognition” page I am taken back to the “Edit Event” page.
6. I tap the edit button (for “Configuration”) and am taken back to the “AutoVoice Recognition” page.
7. Your instructions say to tap on “Speak Filter”, but there is no such option on this page (I am forced to tap on “The Hard Way” again in order to be able to tap on “Speak Filter”).
8. I go through “The Hard Way” to get to “Speak Filter” and repeat the hotword … and then find myself back at #3 (above).
9. I can find no option to “Save” the event … so I repeat #’s 4 and 5. Still no “Save” option.

Is the a 9 Pie issue, or am I doing something wrong? If the latter, please provide me with a more detailed step by step guide.

Thank you for your help.

Derek P English says:
I was following all the way till the last step of the Tasker list…I see no “edit” button. Anywhere.
dsfgh says:
will it works on the google home ?
Joe says:
Did you find out I also want to know
JimmyJack says:
Tasker plugin didn’t have that option for me s9+ tmo

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