How To Change Wallpaper On Essential PH-1

It is common practice to change the wallpaper on your Essential PH-1 device. to make it more personalized depending on how you would want your device to look. Some enjoy changing the wallpaper on their device to distinguish their own device from the others, that sport the standard Essential PH-1 wallpaper. Changing the wallpaper on your device is a walk in the park, and only takes a few  minutes  to accomplish in full . We will be guiding you on how to change the wallpaper on your Essential PH-1 device.

Change Essential PH-1 Wallpaper From the Home Screen

After you have switched your Essential PH-1 device on and made your way to the Home Screen, you can rapidly alter the Essential PH-1 device wallpaper by maneuvering to the launcher form the home screen. Press and Hold an empty part of the Home screen for some two seconds , the settings menu will appear. Once it does, Click on select on the “Wallpapers” control button.

Once you are on the Essential PH-1 wallpaper settings, a List of already installed wallpapers will appear that you can pick from.  You however, have the option to use a different photo  as the wallpaper. You can do so by clicking on to Select  another image /photograph that already is on your device  On top of that  From that  same page you you also can pik from  any cloud stash accounts that the Gallery application you have linked to it.

After choosing a photo that you want to replace the PH-1 wallpaper with, Click on to Select on the top part of the  bar  at the topmost part  of the screen and decide  if you want to set that image to be the home screen wallpaper, of the locked screen wallpaper or both. Lastly select Set as wallpaper and the you would have changed the wallpaper on your Essential PH-1 device.

Change Essential PH-1 Wallpaper From the Phone Settings

If for some reason you are not able to alter the wallpaper doing the steps discussed above,you can opt to do so by maneuvering to the Main settings on your device. Once in the settings menu of your smartphone, look for “Sound and DIsplay, click on Wallpaper to select it , this will take you to the same page that gave you the option to either choose from already installed wallpapers on the device or choosing a different photo  saved in your device to set as the wallpaper

The two steps mentioned above should be able to let you change the wallpaper on your device, regardless of your reason for doing so.

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