How to Take Notes in Google Chrome and Firefox Without any Extension

chrome notepad3

Previous TechJunkie articles told you how to take notes in the Google Chrome and Firefox browsers with add-ons. However, even though neither has any built-in options for notes, you can still open a handy notepad in the browsers’ tabs. Try out this trick to open a basic notepad editor in the browsers. 

First, open Google Chrome or Firefox as this works just the same in both. Then enter the following in the address bar: ‘data:text/html, <html contenteditable>.’ You can copy and paste that with the Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V hotkeys. When you press Enter, the tab becomes a blank page as below.

chrome notepad

Now when you click inside the blank page, you’ll find a blinking text cursor on the page similar to word processor. So you can start entering text into the blank page as shown in the snapshot below. Consequently, it has now effectively become a handy notepad.

Chrome notepad2

Furthermore, you can also copy and paste both text and images into the page. You can right-click an image on a website page and then select Copy image to copy to Clipboard. Click inside the data:text/html tab again and press Ctrl + V to paste the picture there as below. Thus, you can paste lots of images there and then save them.

chrome notepad3

You can save any note by pressing Ctrl + S in Google Chrome. That opens the Save As window. Then select Web page, Single File from the Save as type drop-down menu and press the Save button. Press Ctrl + O to open saved notes in the browser again.
Sure, this might not have much in the way of formatting options for notes as some of the browser extensions do. However, it’s still a simple and effective notepad for Google Chrome and Firefox.

Posted by Matthew on June 29, 2016

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