The Best ChromeBook & Chrome OS Wallpapers

Posted by Arch on February 15, 2019

Even though the majority of the world uses either Windows or iOS, depending on the laptop they own, over the last few years we’ve seen an increased number of users switching to Chrome OS and the Chromebook.

It is Google’s own operating system based on Linux that utilizes the Google Chrome web browser as its own interface.

As is the case with all other operating systems, sooner or later you will get tired of watching the factory installed wallpaper as you will want to add a touch of individuality and your own personal stamp.

Even though it wasn’t always that easy, you can now change the background in your Chrome OS simply by following a few easy steps.

How to Change Wallpaper on Your Chrome OS

Step #1

The first thing you need to do is to click on the account icon in the bottom right corner of your computer screen.

Step #2

After you’ve done so, you will be greeted by a window with numerous options. You need to click on the “Settings” button represented by a small gear icon right above the date.

Step #3

Once you open the Settings, you will need to scroll down to the “Appearance” section and select the “Wallpaper” option that is right on the top of the options list.

Step #4

Over here, you will find an interface that lets you choose from different wallpapers that come preloaded with your Google OS. You can toggle the view by selecting “All” where it will show you all the available wallpapers or choose between more specific categories which include “Landscape”, “Urban”, “Colors”, and “Nature”.

If you’re not sure which one you would like to use as a wallpaper, you can turn on the “Surprise me” option, located on the bottom right side of the screen. Choosing this option results in having a different, randomly selected wallpaper each time you boot your computer.

Step #5

If you’re one of those who simply need to customize each and every thing around them, you might want to check the last option from the previous screen, which is titled rather appropriately – “Custom”.

Clicking on this option will enable you to use any pic you’ve previously downloaded from the internet. Upon clicking the “Custom” button, you will be prompted to click once again, but now on the “+” button.

Step #6

The next window will prompt you to choose the preferred picture, simply by clicking on the “Choose File” button. You will also be reminded that all wallpapers also appear on your Sign-In Screen.

Step #7

You will now find the picture that you want to use as your new wallpaper, select it, and then simply click “Open”.

Step #8

Your selected image will now be presented as the wallpaper, although there are a few more options you can fiddle with to get the best results. On the window with the “Choose File” button, you will see a “Position” menu with a few drop-down options.

Not all pictures are in the same format or aspect ratio, so you might want to experiment with these. The “Center” option will simply position your image at the center of the screen, without any changes to its dimensions. If the image is too small, it will be surrounded by black edges. If it’s too big, you will only see the center portion that fits the size of your screen.

In such cases, it might be best to use the second option, “Center Cropped”. This will crop the image so that it fits the size of your screen and keep the center positioning setting, as well.

If your picture is too small to fit the size of your screen, you might want to choose the third option, “Stretch”. Very small pictures will be stretched so that they fit your screen, but the quality and sharpness of the image will usually get compromised.

Step #9

Simply close all the windows to return to your desktop and your picture will now be set as the wallpaper.


As you can see, changing the wallpaper and choosing one from the preinstalled options is rather easy and can be done in a matter of minutes. Still, it feels much more personal when you add a picture you’ve taken yourself or perhaps one you’ve seen on the internet and liked so much that you wanted it to become the new wallpaper for your desktop.

There are numerous websites that feature amazing photos with strong artistic values, so you might want to look for inspiration there. Try InterfaceLift or Pexels, where you’ll find thousands of images you can use as a wallpaper on your Chromebook.

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