How to Play My Chromecast on an Xbox One

Chromecast with Xbox One

On the back of your Xbox One, there are two HDMI ports. One (as you probably already know) connects your Xbox One to your television, which enables you to play video games on your Xbox One and see and control things on the TV. The second HDMI port on the back of your Xbox, labeled “Sat/Cable,” can be used to cast your Google Chromecast through the Xbox One.

Let’s start with hooking things up:

Connect your Chromecast to the Xbox One

  1. On the back of your Xbox One, you will see a second HDMI port, labeled “HDMI in from Sat/Cable.” Insert your Google Chromecast dongle into that port.  HDMI in on Xbox One
  2. Either connect your Chromecast AC adapter into a wall outlet to power it up, or insert the USB end of the power adapter into one of the USB ports on the back of the Xbox and this provides power to the Chromecast device.  Chromecast using USB for power

Next, you’re going to turn on your Xbox One console.

Setting up the Xbox One to Cast

  • After turning on your Xbox One, go to the TV app.  TV app on Xbox One
  • A screen will open, saying “Watch TV on your Xbox.” We are going to select the option, “Set up your cable or satellite box;” this is the port where we plugged in the Google Chromecast.  Set up Chromecast on Xbox One as TV
  • Your Xbox One now detects the Chromecast and the next screen should say “Let’s watch TV.” Go through the rest of the set-up screens to complete setting up your Xbox One to use the Chromecast.  Chromecast detected by Xbox One

You are now ready to start casting to your Google Chromecast through your Xbox One’s Sat/Cable port.

Plugging your Google Chromecast into the secondary HDMI port on the Xbox One is a great option, because now you can watch your Chromecast or play your Xbox One without having to switch any cables around or change over to a new input selection with any remotes, such as the one you use for controlling your TV.

You could also Snap the OneGuide (TV/Chromecast) on the right of your screen and play a video game in the remaining part of the TV screen—multi-tasking at its finest. Otherwise, just go to the TV app pinned to the home screen on your Xbox One to use the Chromecast in full-screen viewing mode.

Use your Google Chromecast as you normally would with an Android device, iOS device, or the Chrome Browser with the Google Cast extension. You can refer to our previous article for how to cast your desktop on Chromecast for those instructions.

Posted by Heather on May 6, 2016

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