How To Combine Cells in Google Sheets

Posted by Jamie on January 11, 2017

Combining cell data is something any regular Google Sheets user needs to learn how to do. When you’re given data, it usually requires editing and tidying up before it becomes useful and combining cells, or concatenating, is a key still in any spreadsheet. So here is how to combine cells in Google Sheets.

For example, if you have a spreadsheet where forenames and surnames are in different columns, you can concatenate the two so they combine into a third column. The same task can be used on any cell containing any data, on any spreadsheet. The only prerequisites are two cells of data and a third cell to display concatenated data.

Combine and merge are two different operations within Google Sheets. While they may mean the same in plain English, in spreadsheets they mean different things. I’ll cover merge another time.


Combine cells in Google Sheets

To combine cells in Google Sheets you need two cells of data and that third cell to place combined data.

  1. Open your Google Sheet.
  2. Find the cells you want to combine and note their coordinates.
  3. Type ‘=concatenate(A2,” “, C2)’ into the cell you want to display the combined data.

You can also type it directly into the formula bar while having the display cell highlighted and it will work just the same.


Where you see A2, this is the first piece of cell data you want to combine. Yours may not be in cell A2, so change it as you need. The cell C2 is the second piece of data you’re combining, so just add whatever cell coordinate you need to there.

The ‘,” “,’ part of the equation is to place a space between the concatenated data. You may or may not need this depending on how you want to display the results.

If you’re planning to combine cells that don’t need spacing, you can also use the ‘CONCAT’ command instead of ‘=concatenate(A2,” “, C2)’. CONCAT can only copy with two arguments, so adding the space with ‘,” “,’ is beyond it. If you’re combining numerical cells, CONCAT will also work. For example ‘=CONCAT(A2:C2)’.


If you’re learning Google Sheets or want more tips on mastering the free spreadsheet tool, TechJunkie has lots more tutorials for you to use. Check them out and let us know what you think. If you want to see something in particular, email us and let us know!

One thought on “How To Combine Cells in Google Sheets”

Nicolo says:
This is really helpful. However, here is a question. How do I concatenate two fields with a space in between when one of the fields is a date field and I want the date to show exactly as it displayed in another cell. Note that the date field is itself being populated and reformatted automatically from a cell on another tab in the same workbook. For example:
– On sheet #1 there is a date shown as 1/10/18 in column A
– On sheet #2 column A has the same date populated from sheet #1 and reformatted as 2018-01-18
– On sheet #1 column B has a description, e.g. John Smith
– On sheet #2 I want to concatenate the date from sheet #2 column A (reformatted date), a space, and then the contents of column B from sheet #1.
So basically sheet #2 column B should read: 2018-01-10 John Smith.
Thanks in advance.

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