Common Problems On Galaxy S9

Most readers have continuously asked how they can solve different problems on their Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone. This guide would benefit all the Samsung Galaxy S9 users who may be looking to fix common issues. If you carefully read it to the end, you will find simple solutions to problems on your Galaxy S9.

Bad Signal on Galaxy S9

It could be that you have been using different devices in the same location without ever experiencing signal strength problems. But just when you decided to upgrade to a better device, the Galaxy S9, you started experiencing these problems. Your device suddenly has a very poor signal strength with some unprecedented inconsistencies.

Using a Signal Booster

Alternatively, you can decide to utilize a dedicated cell phone signal booster. You must install other third party applications such as a dedicated software to support this function. This won’t cost you as much as it would cost you to replace your new Galaxy S9 smartphone.

The cell phone signal booster is also known as a cell phone repeater. Its purpose is quite obvious and that is to amplify the signal that is transmitted by the nearest cell tower. The components of this hardware are mounted at an elevated position in an open place. This is to capture weak signals from the cell tower. Then, it would transmit the same to another device mounted inside the house. This second device placed inside your house automatically amplifies and broadcasts the signal the amplified signal to a specific location.

How Signal Boosters Work

This process goes back and forth repetitively. It will allow your device to receive the strong signal and to also send a signal to the cell tower successfully. If you set up all the devices correctly, everything should work just fine. You are now able to enjoy the best cellular services such as voice calls without undue interruptions.

When considering this option, you should start by reaching out to your service provider and request for a signal booster. If that path is unsuccessful, you can purchase a signal booster from any third party electronics shop. Usually, a lot of care needs to be taken when you buy a signal booster from an electronics shop. Always check for compatibility with your device.

White Line on Galaxy S9 Display

A different problem from the one solved above occurs to the majority of smartphone users. So, it would be wise to pay attention the solution below especially because you might come to a similar problem. This problem has to do with the white line that usually appears between the clock and the battery icons on your screen. It might be caused by dropping your device from a considerable height. The while line will occur even though there are no visible cracks on your device.

The white light can be seen flashing from the line especially when the device is left in sleep mode.  


The issue above is an obvious hardware problem and so there is no need to go scratching the software and bug fixes. The fall might have resulted in the LCD screen of your Galaxy S9 suffering a damage. Unfortunately, hardware problems can be quite troublesome especially if you are looking to fix them on your own. Unlike software issues, it is usually not recommended to try fixing hardware problems on your own because there is a risk of escalating the problem.

If you are faced with the above problem, there are two things you can do. You could either replace the screen on your own by just purchasing a new one and fix it after removing the damaged one or you can request an approved Samsung technician to perform this operation for you. In our view, we would encourage you to let the professionals take care of this problem for you not because it is impossible to do on your own but because it requires some technical knowledge and special tools. Moreover, Samsung has made it even harder for such operations of opening up the device.

One more disappointing fact is that the normal warranty issued by Samsung does not usually cover malfunctions that originate from dropping your smartphone. This frustration of being unable to replace your device through the warranty might force you to try and replace the screen on your own. Well, if you must, then try and make use of the online tutorials but note that doing so will be taking a huge risk.

Galaxy S9 Shows An Error Every Time You Try To Access The Internet

Are you experiencing problems when you try to access the web using a Wi-Fi? Is the problem stemming from the fact that there was an unauthorized factory reset hence making it hard to access the web browser for Wi-Fi sign in? If you have tried resetting your Galaxy S9 I bet you are out of options and do not know what to do now. If this is so, we recommend that you take a look at the solution suggested below.


From the vast experience we have gathered in trying to fix Samsung Galaxy S9 issues, we can say with utmost certainty that the problem you are experiencing is happening because of an attempt to change the software that your device is running on. Irrespective if the attempt was made through rooting, recovery roaming or flashing or by accident, there is a chance that the factory reset protection will be your stumbling block hence preventing any further activities on your device.

The factory reset protection will hinder all the three mentioned interventions. If your phone was in the possession of someone else, you should consider asking them if they might have tampered with the software.

The first attempt to solve this problem should be to try and re-flash the stock firmware.

If this solution works and there is no further request from you to the person who might have caused this issue in the first place, a factory reset should be another probable fix. Factory resetting your Galaxy S9 smartphone is quite simple only if you follow the steps provided below to the letter.

Doing a Factory Reset

  1. Switch off your Galaxy S9 device.
  2. Press the volume up, home and power button at the same time.
  3. When the Samsung Galaxy S9 logo is displayed, let go of power button.
  4. As soon as the Android logo comes on next, release the volume up and home button.
  5. Once you have released all the buttons, wait for about 45 seconds.
  6. When the screen displays ‘Installing System Update’ message it should notify you that your device is about to enter the System Recovery Menu.
  7. Navigate through the available options for the option to Wipe Data/Factory Reset then highlight and select it using the volume down key and the power button respectively.
  8. Confirm by selecting on ‘Yes-Delete all user data”
  9. To start the factory reset, press the power button.
  10. After the factory reset operation is complete, select the Reboot System Now option. Wait for the system to finish rebooting.

If the rebooting takes long, you should not be worried because it is normal for this operation to take this long. As soon is completes and your device is powered back on, you should be able to see a standard mode on your screen and you will be able to access the internet without any problem from now onwards.

Problem #4 – Galaxy S9 Randomly Receives Texts From iPhone Users In Group Conversations

The problem described in the subtitle above will usually occur when you previously used your SIM card on an iPhone device and then switched the line and started using in on Samsung Galaxy S9 device. As a result, you will end up receiving messages from iPhone users although not all each time you enter a group chat.

The tricky part is that those iPhone users whose messages you can’t receive through group chats are able to send you private messages. To sum up this problem, we could say that your Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone is receiving all the messages sent by all iPhone users in a group chat.


You should be aware that the problem described above is affecting a lot of Samsung Galaxy S9 users apart from you. But, the best thing is that we have come up with a viable solution. The problem usually occurs in mixed groups which contain both iPhone users and Android smartphones users. This results from the iMessage feature.

Since you are a former iPhone user, you are then aware that iMessage is the proprietary messaging system that is developed by Apple to be used on Apple devices only. This system is only compatible with iOS devices and is designed to keep text messages on Apple servers. What this implies is that messages sent by iPhone users will be informed of iMessage. They cannot be transmitted even through groups to other networks or third-party carriers that do not support iMessages.

The only solution is to ask your friends to be seen whenever they are sending text messages to group conversations. There are also different third parties apps such as Facebook Messenger and Google Hangouts which are compatible with all carriers. These will not bring out any confusion, so you can ask your friends to download and install such apps.

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