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Connect Galaxy S9 To A PC Computer

If you just bought the new Samsung Galaxy S9, you might find it useful to use the data transfer between your smartphone and your PC. If you think it might be a difficult task getting around this function, here is how you can do it without breaking a sweat.

Unlike what you might have been used to before, there are a few things you ought to put into consideration when connecting your Galaxy S9 to a PC. This will also hugely depend on the type of PC you are connecting to.

If you are using a Windows PC for instance, you need to use appropriate USB drivers for Samsung Galaxy S9.

However, it is different for those using Apple’s Mac computers because now you won’t need the Samsung USB drivers but you may have to download and run the Android File Transfer [1].

How To Connect Your Galaxy S9 To a Computer

  1. Connect your Samsung Galaxy S9 to the PC through the USB port
  2. On your Samsung S9 screen, you should see the notification message saying “Connected for Charging” otherwise there will be s different notification saying “Connected as Media Device”
  3. Drag the notification area down
  4. Tap on the notification area to view and select the option you desire. The following are the options provided together with their functions:
    • Transfer media files-this option will allow you to exchange files between your PC and your Galaxy S9 if you are a window user. Just tap on the device you’re your PC windows explorer under the section for portable devices
    • Transfer Images-this option will enable you to transfer any photos and other image files through a PTP connection
    • Software installation- you might also find it useful to use this function to install any relevant Galaxy S9 software
    • Connect MIDI device- there are some of us who may want to use the S9 smartphone as a MIDI player in which case you have to connect your smartphone as a MIDI device. A MIDI player is a musical instrument digital interface
    • Charging your S9 Galaxy smartphone-sometimes you find it convenient to only carry a USB cable when you are traveling because with a PC that is battery full, you can easily plug the USB cable and charge your Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone

The list above contains the options you will be provided with when you choose to connect your Windows or Mac PC to your smartphone. The good news is that is not all you can do when you connect your Galaxy S9 to the Pc. Samsung has decided to make things a bit more interesting by enabling its users to mirror their S9 Galaxy smartphone to their PC.

How To Mirror Your Galaxy S9 On A Pc Screen

Below are the steps on how to mirror your Samsung Galaxy S9 on your Windows or Mac PC screen

  1. First, you need to disconnect your Galaxy S9 from your PC and then do the following,
  2. Download and install the SideSync on the computer [2];
  3. Download and install the SideSync on the Galaxy device [3];
  4. Once you have downloaded and installed the SideSync on both the Galaxy S9 and the Pc, the next thing is to activate the Wi-Fi connectivity and connect both devices to the same Wi-Fi network.
  5. Now proceed to launch the SideSync on both your PC and your Galaxy S9.
  6. Once the app has been launched, it will detect and display the PC on your Samsung Galaxy S9.
  7. On your PC, allow for the connection to the Galaxy S9
  8. You can now begin to explore the SideSync options directly from your PC. You can even use the folder icon to transfer files using the SideSync app between your PC and your Galaxy S9 smartphone screen because you would have enabled the mirroring of your smartphone on the PC screen.

If the PC and your Galaxy S9 cannot be successfully connected to each other, it is recommended that you try and use a different USB cable for the connection. This is in most cases the most direct forward solution simply because the Samsung Kies application doesn’t work with the Galaxy S9 smartphone.

With your Galaxy S9 and PC connected successfully, your device can work the following Audio and Video formats:



If there is any other issue you may have concerning the operation and performance of the Samsung Galaxy S9, you can always message us below and we will be more than willing to come to your rescue.