How To Convert from Mp4 to Mp3

Posted by Arch on November 5, 2018

Turning YouTube videos into mp3s is a popular practice, but what about other video files that you only want for their audio? If it’s mp4s you’re worried about, you should know that there are plenty of solutions out there, most of which are free.

Using Special Apps

It’s surprising that, in a world where most computer users use it as their main operating system, Windows doesn’t have a good built-in mp3 converter. However, there are various converters online which you can download and use for free.

You can also make use of various video players to turn your mp4 files into mp3s.

VLC Media Player

This popular media player allows you to keep only the audio portion of video files by converting the mp4 into an mp3.

First, you need to click on the Media button from the top toolbar. Then click on the Convert button. Alternatively, you can press Ctrl + R.

Next, you have to add a video file. Once you’ve selected the file you want, press Convert or Save again. Then you’ll have to edit the settings. In the profile menu, choose the option labeled ‘Audio-MP3’.

Choose the destination where you want the file to be saved and then hit start to begin the conversion process.

Windows Media Player

The quality of these mp3 conversions is not as impressive as with VLC. However, it is the only option you have without downloading third-party applications.

First, you have to open the mp4 file you want to convert from the top-left menu in Windows Media Player. You can also browse for your file in Windows Explorer and then right-click the icon and select the ‘Open With’ option or the ‘Enqueue in’ option.

Once the music starts playing, you can click on the Organize button in order to prompt a new menu window. There you’ll find the Rip Music tab. Click on it and scroll through the options until you find the Change option.

That will let you choose a destination for the new file. Scroll down again to select an output format. You should find mp3 as a valid format. Click on OK to save the selection and to convert the mp4 file into an mp3.

One thing to note when using Windows Media Player is that you will have to install third-party codecs in order to ensure that the player will be able to open and play mp4 files. You can’t do the conversion otherwise.

Luckily, VLC has an awesome codec library which doesn’t require additional browsing and installations. Once you have your VLC installed, there’s also little reason to use Windows Media Player, unless perhaps you want to convert multiple files at the same time.

Microsoft’s My MP4 to MP3 Converter

Surprisingly, this audio converter is not part of Windows’ default list of apps. To use it, you will first have to get it from the Microsoft Store. Still, it is free and very simple to use, even though the audio quality is not very high.

To convert a file, you simply have to add one to the list and click on the Convert button. After that, you’ll be prompted to input a destination address. Because the audio quality is somewhat average, the process doesn’t take too long.

Because of this, using My MP4 to MP3 Converter may be a solid choice if you want to get through multiple files in record time.


Of course, audio converters don’t always have to be installed on your PC. You can use Zamzar Audio Converter to take files from your PC, Google Drive, or Dropbox and convert them in your browser.

For a free online file conversion app, Zamzar produces good audio quality. However, the process is rather slow and obviously dependent on an active internet connection.

Format Factory

If you want to feel like a pro, then perhaps Format Factory can help you with that. This program is free but also comes with plenty of ads, which may cause it to drain more resources than you’re used to from using media players.

Nevertheless, Format Factory can do a lot more than just turn an mp4 into an mp3. The software can also be used to rip DVDs, create ISO images, and edit or combine videos together.

It is really one of the few media converters that offer such a complete package without charging its users a dime. Of course, using this program is a bit more time-consuming as the toolbar has multiple menus and options, and it’s not as straightforward as My MP4 to MP3 Converter from Microsoft, for example.

Final Thought

Whatever your reason for extracting the audio part of a video file, there are plenty of user-friendly apps online which can help you do it. Some need to be installed on your OS, while others can be used directly from the browser.

Now, if you care a lot about quality, something like Format Factory may be your best bet. If not, buying a dedicated converter will usually open up various audio enhancing options you can tinker with if you have the necessary technical knowledge.

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