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Posted by Arch on July 10, 2019
cool group name ideas

Sure, everybody chats these days, even those who were born before the era of smartphone technology. In fact, most young people actually prefer chatting to phone calls, to the point where some of them don’t even answer the phone. One of the coolest things with modern chats is group chats. WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, or Hangouts all offer this feature.

Nicknames, chat colors, and emojis are cool personalization tools for any chat, but at the very basis of group chat personalization lies in naming the group. Sure, you could go with the typical “Best Friends,” “Family,” “Work,” and other generic names, but why not get creative and choose something memorable, witty, or cool. Here are some suggestions.


The single most common chat group type is the one with friends. Group chats with friends are, essentially, hangouts with the option of sending YouTube clips and other links, as well as a variety of cool files, stickers, GIFs, and photos. A relaxed vibe and cheerful mood are essential here, but indecency and swear words will not be featured in this article.

Friend Group Chat Name Ideas

  1. The Incredibles
  2. Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Dudes
  3. 5 Musketeers
  4. Living Poets Society
  5. …and one time, on Bandcamp
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Girl Groups

If you have a girls-only group chat, giving it an appropriate name would be very cool. Think TV shows, books, puns, movies, songs, etc. A relaxed vibe and a girly atmosphere are more than welcome here.

Girl Group Chat Name Ideas

  1. Who Run the World?
  2. All the Single Ladies
  3. Powerpuff
  4. Girls’ Nite Out
  5. Girls-only Online Club

Boy Groups

Likewise, if you are a guy, you probably have a boys-only chat. Mischief, hangouts, beer, and video-games tend to work perfectly here as ideas.

Boy Group Chat Name Ideas:

  1. Boyz n the Hood
  2. Going out for that one Beer
  3. Smokes n’ Beer
  4. The Joypad Crew
  5. LMAO
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Close Friends

Sure, you might be a very social person and you may have a lot of friends. But even those who are extremely outgoing have their own tightest crew of 2-5 best friends that are as tight as a tightrope. The general vibe going on here should be very personal, meaning things that only you guys understand and find funny and memorable. Of course, this is very limiting for giving examples, but here are some ideas.

Close Friends Group Chat Name Ideas

  1. Those $300
  2. Generous
  3. Skaters without Boards

Band Chat

If you’re a musician and in a band, you guys probably have a band chat. You might have one for serious talk and band-related stuff and another one for various memory and jokes. Inside jokes are the essence of this type of a chat, the ones that relate to the world of music, naturally. Again, you can always go with indecency and swear words, but you won’t find any of that here. Despite this, a relaxed vibe is always recommended when coming up with group names for your band chat.

Band Chat Group Name Ideas

  1. Two Guys, a Bassist, and a Thai Place
  2. Lilies and Roses
  3. [Name of the Band]posting (for example “Zeppelinposting”)
  4. Slap, Pop, and Funk


Family group chat names should be deeply personal, but shouldn’t include profanity. Using the last name as the group chat is perfectly fine, but it doesn’t inspire internet fun and “The Petersons” doesn’t really sound very original. The chat name might include a particular reference that all of you guys share amongst each other.

Family Group Chat Name Ideas

  1. Perpetual Drama
  2. Broz b4 Trollz
  3. Family Inc.
  4. Blood of My Blood
  5. Dad’s Weird Shoes
  6. Mom’s Gonna Kill Us
  7. Married with Children
  8. The Cool Family

Group Chats Are Fun

Personalizing group chats should always start with the chat name. It will give you ideas for the outlook of everything else, including the colors, the emoji, and posted content in general.

Do you have any cool group name ideas? Tell us some of your chat names and feel free to share them in the comment section below and let’s make chatting even more fun than it already is!

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