Cool Tesla wallpapers for your PC or Mac

Posted by Jamie on February 8, 2019

Whatever your feelings might be about Elon Musk, there is no doubt that his Tesla company is changing the way we drive and view cars. He has shaken up the auto industry and shown the world that things can be done differently. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that those cars look amazing and are just so, so pretty. I love the look of them which is why I jumped at the chance when I was asked to put together a list of cool Tesla wallpapers for your PC or Mac.

A desktop wallpaper has to be a couple of things. It has to be attractive enough that you can stare at it for hours on end while doing other things and not get bored of it. It also has to be not so in your face that it takes over your desktop and overshadows icons or menus. If a wallpaper can do both those things, it deserves to be on this list.

Tesla wallpapers for PC and Mac

It seems I’m not alone in my liking of the design of Tesla cars. The sheer number of Tesla wallpapers out there surprised me. The quality is a real mixed bag though so I have done the hard work for you and sorted the good from the bad. Rather than just listing ten or so cool Tesla wallpapers, I have listed collections of them. You can then choose as many as you like and build a slideshow or fill multiple monitors.

So without further ado, the list!

HD Car Wallpapers

HD Car Wallpapers is one of my go-to sites for anything automotive. It carries only HD and 4K images and those that are featured are always high quality. The quality of the photography is as good as the quality of the images themselves. The link above has three pages of Tesla wallpapers showing each of the available models and concepts in all their glory.

WS Supercars

WS Supercars is another excellent source of automotive wallpapers and doesn’t let us down with Tesla. It features a series of images of the 2020 Tesla Roadster than look simply awesome. There is also an overview of the car itself and a video of it in motion. Other pages on the site feature the Roadster Sport, 2.5 Roadster and other models too.


As you would expect, Pinterest has dozens of pages dedicated to Tesla. Of those, many are in HD and suitable to use as wallpaper on a PC or Mac. This page has a huge range of images from renderings to real life and some would make excellent wallpapers. This page isn’t bad either, with more renderings and real cars in full HD.

Wallpaper Abyss

Wallpaper Abyss is another regular on our desktop wallpaper pieces as despite the odd name, it features many thousands of images that make great wallpapers. This page in particular features Tesla cars in a range of HD and 4K sizes. There are hundreds here and a page for mobile wallpapers too if that’s your thing.


Unsplash has 22 Tesla wallpapers on this page. Each is very good in its own right and includes some neat angles and viewpoints. They are more arty than many others in this list but they are all very high quality. I think these are some of the best Tesla wallpapers out there and if this list was in order, this would be at the top for quality.

Guiding Tech

Guiding Tech isn’t a wallpaper site but it has two pages dedicated to Tesla wallpapers for PC and Mac. The first has 8 HD images and the second has 12. Both pages offer very high quality images of my new favorite car in all its glory.

Top Speed

This page over at Top Speed has 22 HD images of the 2020 Tesla Roadster that would make ideal desktop wallpaper. A couple are watermarked so watch for those but otherwise, there are some renderings, some images and a lot of quality in those that are featured here.


1Zoom.net is another wallpaper website that features a bunch of images of Tesla. There are three pages of the range including the Roadster, Model X, Model S and the GT prototype. All of them are available in HD with some in 4K. There are some here I have yet to see on other websites so it is well worth checking them out.

Baltana HD Wallpapers

The final entry in this list is Baltana HD Wallpapers. It has two pages of car images from all over the web. The full range is covered although the Roadster does get a lot of love. The images are in a range of resolutions to cover most display sizes and there are a couple here not seen on other sites.

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