Some Cool Tesla Wallpapers for your Phone

Tesla has revolutionized motoring forever. Whether we all buy Tesla cars or even all go electric, the company has changed the industry works and how we view cars. Plus, they look awesome! The real thing may be out of our reach financially right now but that doesn’t mean we cannot enjoy looking at one. This article is going to list sources of Tesla wallpapers for your phone.

As usual, I’m not going to just list individual wallpapers. Anyone can do that. Instead, I have scoured the internet looking for pages full of them. This is what I found. Some of these are phone specific while others can easily be resized to work on a phone.


Unsplash often features on my lists of wallpaper sources and for good reason. It’s a huge repository of images covering almost everything you could want to see on your desktop or phone. This page of Tesla is just one example. There are a few on here already in portrait mode that would work perfectly on phones of any flavor.


Pinterest is another regular feature on my wallpaper lists for the same reasons as Unsplash. If you have the patience to sort the wheat from the chaff, it is an amazing place to find images of all shapes and sizes. This page has a bunch of Tesla wallpapers for your phone. As does this page and this one. Again, some are already in portrait mode and ready to go.

Tesla Owners Club

A page over at the Tesla Owners Club forum has a few wallpapers for your phone or anywhere. They are fairly plain but very well done and would work well on a phone as they wouldn’t use much battery, especially those with darker backgrounds. Well worth checking out.

Another good source of cool car wallpapers is It has a page dedicated to Tesla with lots of wallpaper categories within it. Some are in portrait mode and ready to go while others may need a little cropping and resizing. Either way, all are HD and many are not found anywhere else.


WSupercars has a bunch of Tesla wallpapers in a range of sizes and configurations covering most Tesla models. I featured some of these in my desktop wallpaper list and I think they are good enough to feature again in this Tesla phone wallpaper list. They are desktop proportions so will need a little editing to make them fit a phone but the quality is such that it is well worth the effort.


WallpapersCraft has a page specifically listing Tesla wallpapers for your phone. All are in HD and portrait so need no editing. There are some seriously good ones on here. See the menu n the right for different sizes so you really don’t have to do a thing whatever size screen you have.


You don’t have to have the Zedge app installed to use its resources. The website also has tons of wallpapers, ringtones and all that good stuff. This page has some Tesla wallpapers for your phone and are ready to go. There are some on here I haven’t seen elsewhere and the page keeps on scrolling so this is definitely a page you’re going to want to check out.


I don’t usually highlight individual wallpapers as I think that’s a waste of your time. However, this wallpaper of a Tesla roof over at Imgur is well worth a look. It could be any roof of any car but the colors and composition are so good I couldn’t not link to it. It’s portrait and ready to go too. did a feature on Tesla and included some desktop and mobile wallpapers at the bottom of the page. Some of them I cannot find elsewhere and they are good enough to feature here. There are only a few but the quality is such that they are definitely worth a look.

Mobile Abyss

Mobile Abyss is my final source for Tesla wallpapers for your phone. Again the range may be limited but the quality of the images such that they are worth checking out, especially the Tesla in the rain. They are all in portrait, all HD and all are worth downloading.

It was actually more difficult than I imagined to find good quality Tesla wallpapers for a phone. Most are desktop or purely landscape orientation and while some of the images listed here are exactly that, they are either of a quality to be worth the effort modifying them or easy to edit into portrait.

Got any other suggestions for mobile Tesla wallpapers? Tell us about them below if you do!

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