Cool Username Ideas for Fortnite

Posted by Jamie on March 21, 2019

If you’re late to the game or want to start again with a new persona, having a cool username in Fortnite is essential. If that name conveys your awesomeness without coming across as the village idiot or someone who is in elementary school, all the better. Today’s tutorial is going to show you how to generate cool usernames for Fortnite.

The definition of cool is subjective. We all think different things are cool and that varies by age, culture, gender, upbringing and all kinds of things. What may appear cool to you may not be cool to anyone else. The key to coming up with a cool username for gaming is making the username either personal so it doesn’t matter what others think or is generally cool the way most people would understand it.

You have two options for generating a cool username for Fortnite. You can use a name generator or come up with your own.

Use a name generator for Fortnite

There are dozens of name generators on the internet that can help you generate a cool username for Fortnite. Some will want some kind of input from you and others can generate things out of the blue. I’ll list some here and you can see which ones you like.

Jimpix, name-generator.org, Rum and Monkey, SpinXO, Name Generator Fun or Fake Name Generator. That last link I use all the time for all kinds of reasons. It not only generates a real name but also an address and zip code too. The others in the list are more internet-oriented and can generate game names, social media handles or anything you like.

Spending a little time working through these could generate some very cool names for Fortnite and other games too. You will likely need to sift through lots of dumb names to find that cool one though so be warned. Make a note of a few good ones and keep them around as you never know when you might need one!

Generating your own username for Fortnite

If none of those name generators delivers for you, why not come up with your own name? It won’t happen instantly so doing it in advance will probably work best. If you plan ahead and give your username due care and attention, you could come up with something genuinely cool.

I tend to keep a pad and pen by my keyboard for taking notes while on the computer. It has all sorts on it, including a bunch of names I saw when on the internet and liked the sound of. I can then use them as inspiration and come up with something unique to me or a play on words that uses the names just in a different way.

Here are some other actionable tips for generating a cool username for Fortnite.

Use something personal

If you have a hobby, nickname, avid interest or are a huge fan of anime, movies, sci-fi or whatever, you can use those as inspiration. The same for sports teams, colors, foods, music, movie stars and so on. Just make it personal to you and try not to copy famous names, brands or be uninspiring.

Avoid nonsense and numbers

L33tsp34k was so overdone and was never that cool in the first place. Avoid it wherever possible when coming up with a username. Avoid substituting numbers for letters. It doesn’t always work and will always look dumb. You can do better than that!

The same for random letters and numbers. Every time we see someone with ‘xyz123’ as their username, we know they are either lazy or a gold famer. Neither of which we are going to want to team up with.

See it from the other side

Gamers have a tendency to be insular and not see things from other perspectives. Spend five minutes on any game forum to see the evidence of that! Don’t be one of those. If you come up with a cool username for Fortnite, don’t enter it right away. Think about how it looks, how it portrays you as a player or as a person and whether you would team up with a player that used the name.

If the answers are positive, go with it. If you answer honestly and it isn’t so positive, dump the name and move on.

Keep it Simple Stupid

The Keep it Simple Stupid, KISS method, is a train of thought that says most things in life are better if you keep them simple. This is very true for usernames. Nobody wants to have to type three dozen letters in chat or even speak a complicated username in Discord. Keeping it simple means people will be more likely to use your name and cooperate or otherwise engage.

Make your username too complicated and people will either shorten it or not use it at all!

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