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When it comes to customization, one of the first things we think of on our phones is our wallpapers. It puts that unique stamp of ownership on our Android devices. The apps we will be exploring today give access to a huge amount of awesome wallpapers for your viewing pleasure with some of them even having the ability to change your wallpaper automatically.

1. Gainos Fresh Wallpapers

Gainos Fresh Wallpapers is an awesome app which allows for the changing of your device’s wallpaper at an interval of your choice.


You will have options from 1 hour up to 1 week for the frequency of rotation of your wallpaper.

Flickr is the image source which the app uses by default but with an in app purchase you can also have 500px as an image source.

You will also have the option of sharing your wallpapers through the Android sharing functionality which is enabled in this app.

While you do have the option of letting the images switch randomly, you can add some restrictions based on your preferences by choosing tags which correspond to your preferences. Another cool feature is the ability to use images form this app while your device is in Daydrean mode.

2. Shake Them All 2

Shake Them All 2 is a fun live wallpaper with Android characters which respond to movement of your device.


You can adjust the appearance of the android robots as well as choose a background that you desire in order to get a look which you prefer.

3. Backgrounds HD (Wallpapers)

Backgrounds HD gives users access to a large array of gorgeous images for their use as wallpapers. The database of images is updated daily and the app allows you to make adjustments to wallpapers based on your preferences. You can crop your image or make it scrollable among other things.


4. Muzei Live Wallpaper

If your tastes are more classical then Muzei Live Wallpaper is for you. It changes your wallpaper to various famous painting on a daily basis.


5. Walloid

Walloid basically gathers together stock wallpapers from a variety of different devices and make them available to anyone with an android device.

The app also gives you the option to load a random wallpaper. The app is also capable of integrating with Muzei Live Wallpaper in order to allow for automatic wallpaper switching.


6. Wallrox

Wallrox’s appeal comes with the extremely high quality beautiful wallpapers that it makes available to users. There are over 550 material design wallpapers available in QHD(Quad High Definition=2560×1440) or UHD(Ultra High Definiution = 3440×1440) which means that your wallpapers will be stunningly crisp.


7. Minima Live Wallpaper

Minima is deceptively beautiful. It provides a collection of HD wallpapers which are updated daily. These wallpapers are minimalist in nature but yet still beautiful.

This is a different approach which to many other wallpapers which have a lot going on with them. Sometimes the minimalist approach works out better.

It’s also up to your personal taste as well but this one is definitely worth checking out.


I must say however, that the ads in Minima are a bit restrictive.


From famous paintings, to automatic switching and high quality, stock or various live wallpapers, these 7 apps provide a variety of options for various tastes.

Depending on your tastes you may like one better than the other but give the ones that catch your interest a try and make your decision from there.

Either way you will not be disappointed and you may even choose to use more than one of them.

Thank you for reading and if you have any questions please leave them in the comments section below.

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