How To Copy Video and Image Text

Posted by Matthew on June 28, 2016

OCR is the conversion of text from images into document text that you can edit, and there are a few OCR software packages you can extract, or copy, text from saved images with. Alternatively, you could extract text from website images with the Copyfish Free OCR Software Google Chrome extension. With that extension you can copy and paste text from a page image into word processors.

First, open the Copyfish extension page to add it to Google Chrome. Note that this extension is also available for the Opera browser. Then you’ll find a Copyfish button in the snapshot below on the Chrome toolbar. 


Next, find a website page image with some text on it. I’ve added a suitable image below for you to try out the extension with.


Press the Copyfish button on the toolbar, and then hold the left mouse button and drag the mouse. Then you can expand a box around text in the image as shown below. Expand the box so that it includes all the text you need to copy, and then let go off button.


When you release mouse button, the Copyfish window below opens at the bottom right of the browser. It shows you the OCR text that should match what you selected to copy in the image. Press the Copy to clipboard button to copy the text. Then you can paste it into a text editor with the Ctrl + V hotkey.


For further options, right-click the Copyfish icon on the toolbar and select Options. That will open the tab below from which you can configure the translation if needed. For example, if the image includes German, you should select that from the Input Language drop-down menu. Then the extension can translate the German to English.


Copyfish also works for videos on websites. Find a suitable video with subtitles to try it out. Then pause the video when it has subtitle text on it.

Overall, Copyfish can be a handy extension to have on your Chrome toolbar. With it you can now copy and translate text on images and videos, which don’t always translate with the rest of the page. 

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