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How to Create an Etsy Coupon Code

How to Create an Etsy Coupon Code

Everyone loves coupons, some a little too much but there is no doubt that they help sales and increase interest in a brand. If you’re trying to generate more interest or more sales for your Etsy offerings, using a coupon is a good way to go. Fortunately, Etsy also realizes how powerful discounts are so make it easy to create and use them. Here’s how to create an Etsy coupon code.

You can use coupons to celebrate a special occasion, an anniversary, offer money off for repeat customers or whatever. They are a small inducement that not only gives a consumer one more reason to buy from you but they also generate goodwill which can be just as important.

You can share your Etsy coupons on social media, print them and include them in packages, list them on your website, offer them at point of sale or whatever. As long as both you and your customer get something out of the deal, a coupon works for everyone!


Create an Etsy coupon code

Creating an Etsy coupon code is quite straightforward.

  1. Log into your Etsy account.
  2. Navigate to Your Shop and then Shop Settings.
  3. Click Coupon Codes and Create New Coupon.
  4. Type a meaningful code into the dialog box for people to enter to get their discount.
  5. Select the Thank You Coupon if you’re offering it for returning customers.
  6. Select the discount type from the drop-down box and enter a percentage or free shipping.
  7. Enter a minimum purchase amount if you’re being selective about your coupon.
  8. Click the Active options to apply the coupon right away.
  9. Click Add Coupon and the coupon becomes active. It will appear on your Coupon codes page where you can tweak or edit it as you see fit.


A few tips for managing your Etsy coupon codes

You can add an expiration date, change, cancel, rename and track your coupons from within the Coupon Codes page. Once a coupon has been stopped or canceled, you cannot use that same coupon again. You have to create a new one.

An Etsy coupon code generally offers one of three things, a percentage discount, a fixed amount cash discount or free shipping. All the buyer has to do is enter the code at the checkout and the coupon is applied by the system with the appropriate offer handled the same way.

The exact percentage or discount you offer is entirely up to you. It has to be enough of an inducement to attract more customers but not so much that you’re making a loss. Coupons can be useful loss leaders but that isn’t a long term strategy for something small scale like Etsy. In the end, it is entirely up to you how much or what you offer.

Do you run an Etsy store? Is it a good way to run a business? Tell us about your experiences.

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