How To Create a Segment in Strava

A segment in Strava is a specific piece of road or trail that is ridden by multiple riders and has specific interest. Whether that’s top speed, hardest incline or just an all-out point to point effort, it’s somewhere you can measure your efforts against those of others. Segments are a major part of what makes Strava so popular so they are worth getting to grips with.

You will find that segments exist on most roads or trails already. The app is so popular that most riders will have ridden the region you’re in so many times that Strava has created segments automatically or other riders will have created them manually. If you are fortunate enough to find somewhere that would make a good segment that hasn’t already been claimed, you can make your own.

There are two main ways to create a segment. Identify a road or trail within an activity and mark it as a segment or to create a specific ride at the beginning and end of a road or trail, save it as a ride and create a segment from that. They both have their pros and cons but both end up in the same place.

Make a segment from an activity in Strava

You can create a segment from a recorded activity within Strava. This is the default way to create one but can be a little fiddly. First you will need to identify the activity that contains the stretch you want to include. Then you’ll need to make sure it isn’t already a segment. Then you can set it up as a segment on the map and save it.

It’s a fairly straightforward process in theory.

  1. Log into Strava.
  2. Open the specific activity with the segment you want to create.
  3. Scroll down to the ride breakdown to see if the segment already exists on your route.
  4. Scroll to the three dots in the left menu at the top.
  5. Select Create Segment.
  6. Use the slider at the top of the Create Segment screen to identify the segment start and end point.
  7. Select Next once complete and allow Strava to check for duplicates.
  8. Name your segment and select Create.

The creation can be a little fiddly. The green dot on the map is the start of the segment and the red dot the end. You have to slide the green side of the top slider to the beginning of where you want to create and the red dot inwards to the end. The change will be reflected in the map underneath. It takes a lot of time and tiny adjustments to get it right but it is possible.

Once done, hit Next and name your segment something unique. Uncheck the privacy box if you want to make it public and select Create. Your segment will be created and shared with everyone.

Use a ride as a segment

The above segment creation is fiddly and can take an age to get it exactly right. For a much more exact segment, you can use a ride as a complete segment. It will mean stopping and starting a ride but you can control the beginning and end to a much finer degree.

I have used this method for years and it works well. You record your ride to the beginning of the segment you want to create, stop and then start a new ride. Stop exactly at the end of the segment and save the ride. Start a new ride to record your journey home. Then you can use the entirely of that middle ride as a segment.

  1. Use the Strava map to make sure the segment doesn’t already exist.
  2. Start recording your activity at the beginning of your proposed segment.
  3. Stop at the end of your proposed segment and save the ride.
  4. Upload the activity to Strava.
  5. Open that activity and select the three dot menu icon.
  6. Select Create Segment.
  7. Select Next immediately and allow Strava to check for duplicates.
  8. Name your segment and select Create.

This uses exactly the same process as above but requires no messing around with sliders or the map. It reflects your segment to the exact beginning and end and is much faster. It does require you splitting a ride, stopping and starting to record the segment but aside from that is much easier than the official way.

You can keep your segment private if you want but unless it’s within your circle of privacy, it’s much better to share it publicly. What’s the point in only competing against yourself? Give others the chance to beat your time and let the fun begin!

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