How To Crop a Video on the iPhone

Posted by Arch on November 1, 2018

One of the many exciting things you can do with your iPhone that doesn’t necessarily involve installing a separate app (Although it may.) is cropping videos.

If you’ve filmed a particularly interesting video of your dog acting up or you’ve captured one of the kangaroo vs man street fights that usually take place in Australia on a daily basis, it would be a pity if your friends and family on social media couldn’t see it. (Or possibly the entire Internet, who knows!)

Now, the problem is, it happens only rarely that you capture a video that’s 100% perfect the first time you take it, so editing is an activity that pretty much goes without saying when iPhone footage is in question.

In order to make them easier to view and more well-rounded, you have two options: 1) Upload the footage to your computer and then edit it using some specialized software, or 2) edit the video right there on your iPhone device!

In this article, we’ll talk about scenario number 2. As you will see, there are two ways you can approach this task- either through the inbuilt Photo app or by means of installing an additional app. We’ll cover both of these options so that you may choose which one you like better.

(A Quick Note: By ‘cropping’, we mean two possible activities. It’s either shortening the length of the video or literally trimming the edges of the screen, so to speak, so that it looks smaller than the original.)

Alright folks, here’s how it’s done!

Cropping the Video Using the Inbuilt Photo App (Length of the video, that is.)

1) Open up the ‘Photos’ App

As you may already be aware, you don’t need an Internet connection in order to use the Photo App since its built into the phone itself. To start your cropping venture, open up the ‘Photos’ application and choose the video you want to work on.

2) Tap on ‘Edit/Trim’ Option from the Menu Below

Once you’ve chosen your video, tap on the edit option. You’ll see it sitting on the bar below, so you can’t possibly miss it. This will open up a yellowish frame with which you can manipulate the length of the footage.

3) Set the New Length of the Video

Now that the stage for cropping is set, so to speak, use the two arrows on either end of the yellow frame to cut it. The left one marks the end of the video, while the left one highlights its beginning.

4) Tap ‘Done’ and Save the New Video

When you finish editing your video, click on ‘Done’ to close the editor. As it starts closing, a pop-up will ask you whether you want to save the new video as a completely new file or just override the existing one. Choose the option that suits you better by tapping on it.

That’s it – all done!

Cropping the Video Using a Downloadable App (In this case ‘Video Crop – Crop and Resize Video)

(Note that this is the only app you can use for this purpose. There are many of them out there, so if you wish to do some more advanced work with editing your photos and videos, check out the App Store to learn more.)

1) Open the ‘Video Crop’ App

To start editing your videos using this app (Assuming you already downloaded it.), open it up and then give it permission to access your Photos. (Even though it just says ‘Photos’, it would go without saying that videos are included in here, as well.)

2) Select the Video You Want to Edit

Once you’ve given the app access to your photos and videos, you’ll see all of your footage lined up neatly. Go through the lot and find the one you want to crop. Once you’ve found it, press the ‘Nike mark’ in the upper right corner to start working on it.

3) Drag the Grid About to Set the New Edges

As you will see, once you’ve chosen your video, a grid will appear, allowing you to reset the edges of the video. To do this, simply drag them about until you’re satisfied with the new configuration! (You can also set a new aspect ratio if you want.)

4) Download the Edited Video

Once you’ve completed all the finishing touches, download the video by pressing the ‘Download’ button in the upper right corner. (Where the check mark used to be.) You’ll have the option to either save the video to your iCloud Drive or directly to the Photos App!

That’d be it then, folks! As you can see, nothing too complicated- the whole process can be completed under a minute, really. We hope you found this article helpful and wish you plenty of luck concocting a new, enhanced version of your videos!

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