Will Netflix Bring Back Daredevil for Season 4?

Posted by Jamie on May 21, 2019

Daredevil featured on Netflix over the past four years and was a refreshingly non-comic book version of a comic book. It worked for those of us who were never into graphic novels and for those tired of endless adaptations that just took someone else’s ideas and made them their own. Of all of the graphic novel adaptations of recent times, Daredevil is well worth checking out. And then it got canned from Netflix.

Will Daredevil return to Netflix? I doubt it. For once it isn’t the fault of poor acting, a weak script or low production values. It’s more about a brand launching their own streaming service and wanting to protect themselves. A shame but it is what it is.

Daredevil TV series

If you have yet to see Daredevil, I’ll offer my usual, hopefully spoiler free, synopsis. Daredevil follows a layer called Matt Murdock who has been blind since birth. To compensate, he has developed awesome senses that let him operate in normal life by day and as a superhero by night.

It’s the typical setup, normal guy who works hard for other people also punches bad guys repeatedly at night. Only this time it isn’t as lame as your typical superhero trash. With credible acting and a decent bad guy, as well as the usual morality tale, internal conflict, hero’s journey and all that good stuff, you have an entertaining TV series that is well worth watching.

It stars Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock, Deborah Ann Woll as Karen Page, Elden Henson as Foggy Nelson, Vincent D’Onofrio as bad guy Wilson Fisk, Royce Johnson as Brett Mahoney and Geoffrey Cantor as Mitchell Ellison. It’s a strong cast that were well chosen and each holds their own in their respective role.

Daredevil season 1

Daredevil season 1 sets the scene and introduces the characters. Murdock set up his legal practice in Hell’s Kitchen New York and begins experiencing the crime in the area. He decides to do something about it and becomes Daredevil. Lawyer by day, superhero by night.

Now this is where the series departs from the usual comic book fare. Daredevil isn’t Superman or Thor and cannot take a billion punches to the face before he cuts his lip. He is a normal guy. Sure he has superhuman senses but he takes a punch and punches like a normal guy. This makes the well-scripted fight scenes more believable and the entire premise much more acceptable. For me, it is the making of the entire series.

Daredevil season 2

Daredevil season 2 continues from where season 1 left off. With things rounded off nicely, it’s time for a new threat and a neat crossover. That of Frank Castle from The Punisher, played by Jon Bernthal who plays him in the TV series. Another threat also arrives which Murdock has to tackle while also trying to keep their legal practice afloat and defend clients in court.

This season is more of the same but in a good way. Murdock isn’t superhuman and genuinely seems to struggle with the violence and necessity for violence to promote peace. It’s a well-trodden path but done well and in a very believable way.

Daredevil season 3

Daredevil season 3 takes a step back and focuses more on the core of what Murdock is, where he lives and who he lives with. It still has the same spirit and the same well-choreographed fight scenes but it concentrates on why we like this show, Murdock and his superhero and savior complex.

The season is well paced and continues to keep you hooked from the very first episode. It is genuinely well acted and offers some excellent entertainment with some thought provoking moments that sees Murdock go back to basics to fight crime while defending his legal clients.

It’s super tough to describe a TV show without spoilers so I hope I have succeeded while being enthusiastic enough to make you want to watch it.

Daredevil and Netflix

Unless you have been training for a moon mission or something else, you will already know that Netflix has canned most shows from Marvel. As Marvel are owned by Disney and Disney are launching their own streaming service to compete with Netflix, things get complicated.

Daredevil isn’t the only casualty, Iron fist, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and The Punisher have all followed or will follow once their current run finishes. As usual, it’s the customer who suffers when two corporations go head to head and this is no different. Until they come to an agreement or work something out, Netflix will not be continuing Daredevil no matter how many petitions or tweets are published.

Did you like Daredevil? Want Netflix to being it back? Give us your opinion below!

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