How To Delete ALL of Your Instagram Photos

Posted by Robert Hayes on August 29, 2019

Every one of the more than a billion active users of the Instagram platform has a photo feed, even if that feed is empty. Most users have at least a few dozen, and perhaps thousands or tens of thousands of snapshots that they are sharing with the world, or just with their friends. Keeping those pictures and videos organized can be a huge job, even with the assistance of third-party apps. One common task that users run into problems with is the deletion of images. There are any number of reasons you might want to delete an Instagram picture; perhaps what seemed like a good idea at the time is, in the light of the morning, a terrible idea. Maybe you had a wardrobe malfunction. Perhaps you want to purge your account to clean up your image or because you’re going off the grid. One common reason for deleting all your photos is that there are many Instagram apps that let you plan and organize your feed, but those apps won’t let you edit your posts that are already in place. If you want to do a fresh start with one of those apps, you’ll need to wipe out everything on your account first.

Note that if Instagram is the only place you have stored an image, and it isn’t an image you want to be completely rid of, it’s important to backup the image or video first. There’s a TechJunkie post on how to “save” an Instagram photo as well as one on how to download multiple photos at once if you have a large group of pictures you want to archive.

Instagram makes it fairly easy to delete that individual images or videos that you change your mind about or didn’t mean to upload. I’ll discuss that in this article, and then I’ll go on to show you how to delete all of your Instagram pictures at once. Whatever your reasons, you have the power to make those photos go away, at least from the Instagram site and app. Please remember that if people have taken screen shots of your images, or saved the pictures to their own devices or cloud storage, there is nothing you can do to delete those pictures other than asking the person who has them to erase them.

How to Delete Individual Instagram Photos

If you want to delete a single photo from your Instagram account, that’s simple to do. However, you will have to do it from the mobile app – there is no way to delete images from the website. However, both the website and the app draw from the same database, so if you delete them on the app they will be gone for all users, not just mobile users.

  1. Open the Instagram app
  2. Tap the home icon.                                                                     
  3. Expand the photo you want to delete.
  4. Tap the three dots in the upper right hand corner
  5. Tap Delete.                                                                                                           

How to Delete Multiple Photos

If you have a number of photos that you want to delete, Instagram does not provide any tools for carrying out that task. There is one workaround which I will describe that can help you a little bit with the process, but realistically if you want to mass delete images, you have to use a third-party app. Thankfully, some app developers have stepped up to the plate and you have a number of good choices for deletion.

First, the workaround: if you have more than just a few photos that you want to erase, start off at the website. (I know, you can’t delete from there. Trust me! You can do this from the app, but it’s easier on a desktop.) Find all the photos that you want to erase, and assign them each a hashtag, something unique that nobody else on Instagram is going to use. (something like “#dskk35jqasrq5” should do nicely.) Use the clipboard on your desktop to get that awful hashtag into memory, and then just paste it into each picture. Once all the pictures have been tagged, go to the app and do a search on that hashtag. Presto, all the pictures you want to delete pop up in search, and you don’t have to scroll through a thousand pages of them to find the ones you want to delete. Now you can delete them one by one in the app, at a considerable time savings.

But what if you want to get rid of EVERYTHING? You could tag every picture with the same hashtag and use the above technique, but that would take a long time. Realistically, you’re going to need an app for your mobile device. There are a lot of apps out there, but I’m going to show you some of the best ones, and walk you through using some of the apps.

The two apps I’ll show you how to use are Instaclean for iOS and Cleaner for Instagram on Android. Many of these cleaners will also allow you to mass unfollow or mass delete followers, making it altogether easier to manage your Instagram account.


InstaClean is available for iPhone users only, and it allows you to delete all your photo posts as well as allowing you to automatically approve all pending follow requests and to do mass unfollows. The base app is free but you can buy additional features. Today we’ll just focus on deleting your photos.

  1. Log into the app using your Instagram login.
  2. Tap the Media icon.
  3. Tap on all the picture posts you want to delete.
  4. Tap the trash can.
  5. Tap Delete.

Cleaner for IG

Cleaner for Instagram is available on both iPhone and Android platforms. It is free to try out; you can do up to 50 actions before you’ll have to upgrade to the Pro version. Like InstaClean, Cleaner for IG provides other functions besides just deleting photos. You can manage your followers and following lists, see which of your posts have been liked the most, and more. Again, for today’s tutorial I’m just going to show you how to delete your pictures.

  1. Log into the app using your Instagram login.
  2. Tap the Media icon.
  3. Tap on the “Quick Select” button at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Tap “Select All”
  5. Select “Actions” at the top right of the screen.
  6. Tap “Delete”
  7. Tap “Start Now”

That’s all it takes to delete all your pictures and posts on Instagram!

Automate Photo Deletion with Auto Clicker

The only problem with those apps is that you have to pay for them if you want to delete more than a few photos. What if there was a way to delete all your photos, for free? There is, and it’s called Auto Clicker. Auto Clicker for Android is a tool that lets you automate repeated taps and swipes in any app or screen on your Android. Once you play around with it, you will be very excited by the possibilities this powerful free program provides. However, for now we’ll just focus on deleting our photos in Instagram.

  1. Launch your Instagram app.
  2. Launch the Auto Clicker app.
  3. Tap “Enable” under Multi Targets Mode. This will allow you to have multiple points of tapping, with a delay between taps.
  4.  In Instagram, go to your Home screen.
  5. Tap the green “+” symbol to create a tap point, a circle with a 1 circumscribed inside it.
  6. Drag that circle to the first post on your home page, on the left side, and tap it again.
  7. In the time delay box, you can leave it at 100 milliseconds or, if your phone is perhaps a little sluggish, change it to 200 or 300 milliseconds. This gives the underlying apps time to run and load information so that the auto tapping doesn’t outpace it.
  8. Tap OK.
  9. In Instagram, tap on the spot underneath the first circle to actually move the process along so that you can see where to do the next taps.
  10. The context menu appears; follow steps 5-9 to create a second tap point on the line of the context menu reading “Delete”. This will be tap point 2 and will have a 2 in the circle.
  11. Repeat step 10 for confirming the deletion.
  12. Repeat step 10 to return to the home page.
  13. Tap the gear icon and give this tap script (they call it a configuration a name). Save the script and now you can run this command repeatedly for hundreds or thousands of iterations, automatically and without any human oversight.
  14. Hit the blue Run arrow to execute your script.

You can turn off the Auto Click app interface by disabling it in the Auto Click app home screen.

It’s an extremely powerful technology that you can use in many ways, not just for speeding up your Instagram process!

Do you use Instagram for business purposes? A lot of people do – and we found a really solid introductory guide to making Instagram a powerful tool for your business. Recommended!

Have any other ways to delete things on Instagram? Great new apps or new functionality within Instagram itself? Share them with us below!

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