How To Delete All Kik Messages and Conversations

Posted by Arch on November 26, 2018

You would think that removing all Kik messages from your device would be very different, seeing as how Kik is a messenger app that works on anything from Symbian to iOS. In reality, Kik has a very simple interface and removing entire conversations is a breeze.

But whether or not you will have to do that depends on how many people have access to your device. Kik already puts a limit to how much data it can store on a device so you shouldn’t run into storage issues ever.

Delete Conversations

Kik gives you two options. Either delete individual messages or remove entire conversations from your device.


Open Kik and select the conversation you want removed. Swipe it to the left and then tap Delete. This will remove all the messages in that conversation.


On Android devices, you have to open Kik and then hold on a conversation. You can then tap ‘Delete Conversation’.

Windows Phone

If you’re using a Windows-based smartphone, you can do the same thing as you would an Android device. Hold on the conversation for one or two seconds and then tap ‘Delete’.

Phones with No Touchscreen

If you don’t have a touchscreen, you just take the standard keyboard approach. Select the conversation and then press the Delete button on the phone. Then, select the ‘Delete Conversation’ option when it pops up. Select Yes to confirm your action.

Pros and Cons of Deleting Messages on Kik

Unlike most messenger apps, Kik doesn’t yet have a backup feature for its chat. This means that once you delete a message, you cannot recover it. Besides, Kik doesn’t store too much data on your device. Kik for iOS holds up to 1000 messages for the last 48 hours of activity.

Anything older than that and you’ll only get the last 500 messages. On Android devices, Kik saves fewer messages than that. You can review the last 600 messages from the past 48 hours and only the last 200 messages older than 48 hours.

Because of this, it is rarely necessary to remove entire conversations unless you want to make sure that no one can take a peek before Kik removes it automatically.

Group Conversations

Another interesting thing is what happens when you delete group conversations. If you’ve been planning something with your friends via Kik and you’re worried someone might check the group chat, you can delete it like any other conversation.

However, this doesn’t work like Facebook, for example. There, you can delete multiple messages from a group chat but still remain a member of the group. If you delete a group chat conversation on Kik, you also remove yourself automatically from the group.

How to Block Someone on Kik

If someone’s been harassing you on Kik or simply flooding your conversations with bad jokes, spam pictures, etc. you can always just block them. The same goes if you’re just tired of selectively deleting messages from just one or two people, so you might as well just block them.

  1. Tap Settings
  2. Choose Chat Settings – if you’re using an Android or iPhone device
  3. Choose Privacy – if you’re using a Windows Phone, BlackBerry, or Symbian
  4. Tap Block List
  5. Tap the + icon
  6. Browse through your list of contacts
  7. Select the one that’s bothering you
  8. Tap Block to confirm your choice

You can also do this if you access the other person’s profile first. From their profile page, you can click the settings icon on the top right corner and then select Block. But the previous method is a lot easier since you don’t have to wait for the profile pages to load, especially if you want to block more than one person.

Keep in mind that you can also block those who are not in your address book, as long as you know their usernames.

How to Delete All from Main Chat List

On your Kik app, go to Settings. Select Chat Settings and then press or tap Clear Chat History. This removes every message and conversation that shows in your main chat list.

A Final Thought

Kik is an interesting messenger app that works really well with both newer and older smartphones. Many users probably use the Kik browser for its dating app more than the messenger itself. In any event, it is a solid alternative to the more popular social media messenger apps.

That’s because it doesn’t store chat history and attachments indefinitely on your device. That means that you don’t run the risk of slowing down your phone due to low memory.

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Chris says:
If kik removes messages automatically, how is my kik data file 14 go, and how do I get rid of all that without removing myself from groups, especially the ones I’m owner of.

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