How To Delete All Messages in Discord

Posted by Jamie on December 22, 2018

When you run an active server or a long established one, managing old messages can become a pain. Especially when needing to delete inflammatory or otherwise unacceptable messages becomes a necessity. Here’s how to delete messages in Discord

While frequently used for voice communication, Direct Message text chat is also a strong reason to use the app. It has enabled discord to compete with the likes of Slack, Skype, and other chat apps, including some enterprising ones. While Discord was initially created for gamers and has many features catering to them, it isn’t just gamers who use the application, but people from all walks of life. Its ease of use is just one of the many factors that have influenced that shift.

Text messaging in Discord

There are two main types of messaging in Discord: channel messaging and Direct Messaging. Channel messaging is text chat within a channel that is shared with a group. Direct Messaging, as its name suggests, is a private conversation between two users. They both act in different ways and have different rules.

When Discord first came out, it was possible to delete messages in bulk as an administrator. This caused some serious database issues when too many admins were deleting too many messages. As a result, bulk deletion was removed from the admin tools. You can still delete messages, but it isn’t as simple as before.

Deleting Direct Messages in Discord

You can delete Direct Messages in Discord, but the process is a bit of a pain. You can close the chat panel to hide messages if you don’t want to see them, but deleting them completely takes a little more effort. Still, technically it doesn’t delete the messages, it just removes them from your view.

  1. Access the Direct Messages from within Discord.
  2. Hover over the conversation and select the ‘X’ that appears.
  3. Rinse and repeat for all messages.

As mentioned, this only removes it from your view and does not delete the chat. The person to whom you were speaking will still be able to see the chats and Discord will still have a copy of them. You just won’t see them.

Deleting channel messages in Discord

There are two ways to delete channel messages in Discord. The first is to use a bot, and the second is to clone, delete, and recreate the channel. The bot method will delete all messages older than 14 days and is a very straightforward way to perform housekeeping on your servers. Cloning a channel is more involved, but it can be useful for older channels or where a bot won’t work.

Using a bot to delete channel messages in Discord is quite straightforward. There are plenty of Discord bots to choose from, but the MEE6 bot seems to be the tool of choice for the admins I have spoken to, as it has a variety of neat tricks up its sleeve.

  1. Make sure you are logged into Discord via the web.
  2. Navigate to the MEE6 website.
  3. Select Add to Discord and authorize the bot to work on your server.

Once authorized, you can use a couple of commands to clear messages. Use ‘!clear @username’ to delete that user’s previous 100 messages. Use ‘!clear1000’ to delete the last 1000 messages on the channel. You can change the number to reflect how many messages you want to delete, but the maximum is 1000.

Cloning, deleting and recreating a channel is simple yet slightly more serious. By deleting a channel, you risk losing it altogether, so it’s for the best to try other methods first, rather than jumping straight to this one.

Although the reason you’re cloning and recreating is presumably to clear out old messages, having to recreate a channel by hand is a pain. Cloning is here to help. The only caveat is that you may need to manually add your bots to a cloned channel, so make a note of what bots you have before you get started. Other than that, it is very simple to do.

  1. Access your servers within the Discord app.
  2. Select the channel you want to clone.
  3. Right click that channel and select Clone.
  4. Rename the cloned channel if you wish.
  5. Delete the original channel.
  6. Open the new cloned version and add any bots you require.

Cloning a channel will also bring all your users across and recreate everyone’s permissions, saving you the time you would otherwise have to put into it. And while I have seen someone clone a channel and it cloned the bots, too, it seems to be a bit hit or miss. When I tested this method for this tutorial, it didn’t work and I had to manually add the bots back in once the cloning was complete. Your mileage may vary, but it might be a good idea to make a list of bots before you delete the old version of the channel!

It is a little inconvenient that Discord doesn’t allow you to delete chat messages, as it means what you say on the platform could theoretically be there forever. Nevertheless, if you act normally and behave yourself, that should be nothing to worry about!

3 thoughts on “How To Delete All Messages in Discord”

ziv says:
Important to add that you need to unable the “moderator” plugin.
Stormbow says:
Does not work. The bot does not have clear or clear1000 commands (unless you pay for it?)
Random dude says:
It is a restriction on bots where the bots cannot delete messages after 2 weeks old. Also, it wont hurt to type clear 1000 more than once?
Otto van Heusen says:
I am a newbie and have just installed Discord. I know nothing of scripts and I am looking for a means to delete old conversations. I have switched over from Skype because MS have wrecked it. Is there a very simple User Manual that I can read to learn how to use this software as long as it is simple?????? Thank you.

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