How to Delete All Downloaded Podcasts on the iPhone/iOS

Posted by Arch on November 29, 2018

For many people around the world, listening to podcasts has become an integral part of the day. You can choose among interview podcasts, panels, fiction podcasts, and many other options. This research conducted in June 2018 showed that there were over 550,000 podcasts available at the time. In other words, there’s something out there for everybody.

This same research showed that only 49% of podcast listening happens at home. Most of us prefer to listen to podcasts while we’re out and about. In particular, many people use podcast playlists while they’re driving.

But this brings us to an important question. Should you stream your podcasts or download them?

Streaming Vs. Downloading

How do you listen to podcasts when you don’t have Wi-Fi access? If you’re a podcast enthusiast, you’ll probably need to figure out the answer sooner or later.

One option is to stream episodes using your cell data. The obvious downside here is the cost. While some content creators make an effort to use a low bit rate, it’s still easy to go over your data limit. People who listen to multiple podcasts a day probably shouldn’t rely on cell data alone.

The other solution is to download new episodes when it’s convenient for you and listen to them at your leisure. You can use any podcast app to do this automatically. It’s a low-effort and cost-effective solution.

However, if you do download all the podcasts you listen to, storage space could become a problem eventually.

How to Keep Podcasts from Taking Up Too Much Space on Your Phone

Here are a few tips that can help you avoid running out of storage space.

Automatically Delete Each Episode After You’re Done Listening to It

In the settings of your chosen podcast app, you can make sure episodes get deleted automatically. This is a good solution in most situations. If you want to revisit a specific podcast later, it’s easy to turn this option off for it.

Here is something you should keep in mind. If you skip forward without finishing an episode, your app won’t delete it. Some people skip the end credits out of habit, which means that the episode will fail to delete. This is how you can end up with unwanted, unexpected downloads on your phone.

Don’t Auto-Download Podcasts That Update Multiple Times a Day

Political podcasts tend to update very frequently, especially during significant events. In the case of podcasts like these, it’s better to opt for manual downloading.

Avoid the “I’ll Listen to It Later” Mentality

Here’s a situation that happens all too often. You start listening to a podcast and then stop after a few episodes. Maybe you lose interest or simply get too overwhelmed.

You might be tempted to keep downloading new episodes anyway. After all, there’s always a chance you’ll catch up. But odds are that you won’t actually listen to the podcast later. You’ll find a current podcast that’s a better fit for you.

Your best option might be to delete all the episodes without listening to them. Why not opt for a clean slate?

Mass Deletion – Getting Rid of the Episodes You Have Downloaded on iOS

It’s not too complicated to delete the downloaded episodes on your phone.

Deleting Individual Episodes

First, let’s look at how you can delete individual episodes from Podcasts, the iPhone app.

  1. Open the Podcasts App
  2. Tap on My Podcasts
  3. Select the Podcast and Episode You Want to Get Rid of
  4. Horizontally swipe over the title of the episode
  5. Tap on the Big Red “Delete” Button

This removes the selected episode from your phone

Deleting Multiple Episodes

There is a faster way to get rid of many episodes at once. Once again, we’re talking about the Podcasts app.

  1. Open the Podcasts App
  2. Open My Podcasts
  3. Select the Podcast That You Want to Trim Down
  4. Tap on Edit (This will show you the episodes in list form. Check all the ones that you want to delete)
  5. Tap on Delete

You can use a similar approach in other podcast apps. But what if you want to purge every single episode of a podcast?

Deleting Entire Podcasts

Unsubscribing isn’t enough to get rid of the episodes you’ve already downloaded. To remove every episode of a podcast, do the following:

  1. Open the Podcasts App
  2. By the Search Field, Tap on Edit

If you’re in icon mode, you’ll see X buttons appear on the corner of each podcast icon. When you tap on the X, the podcast will be gone.

In the case of list mode, there will be red circles instead. Simply tap on the circle and then select Delete.

Deleting Podcasts for Android Users

Are you a Google Podcasts user? If so, you can use the following steps to clear your phone of all downloaded episodes:

  1. Open the Google Podcasts App
  2. Select “For You”
  3. Open Downloads
  4. Go Into “All downloaded episodes”
  5. Tap on More
  6. Look for the three-dots icon near the top of your screen
  7. Select “Remove all”

It’s important to note that Google’s Podcast app is better suited for streaming than downloading.

A Final Word

Whichever app you use, deleting podcasts is fairly straightforward, and it can make a remarkable difference to your phone’s performance. Remember that you can always re-download podcasts at a later date.

3 thoughts on “How to Delete All Downloaded Podcasts on the iPhone/iOS”

Bellinghamster says:
Ditto to all of above. Screens not like illustrations, no edit for individual episodes, only the entire podcast. Played episodes are NEVER deleted automatically.
Caro says:
Nothing ‘s working for me either. I just want tp delete played episodes. VERY frustrating!
Copper says:
None off this works. There is no ‘limit’ like the picture. No edit No help. The only way seems tobe to delete the whole app and start over altho not sure that will work.

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