How To Delete All Retweets in Twitter

Retweets are one of the things that really fuel Twitter, and any given user’s Twitter account. It’s quite easy to come across somebody else’s tweets that you like at least as much as your own. Who can resist a retweet when that happens?

If you’ve been retweeting a lot to the point of overshadowing your own tweets, purging your retweets can be a great idea.

Unfortunately, there’s no mass deletion on Twitter. You can’t unfollow, unlike, or delete anything in bulk. Does this mean you’ll have to spend a ton of time deleting your retweets manually?

Luckily, no. There are a couple of solutions at your disposal if you want to mass delete your retweets. Let’s take a look at what they are.

Using 3rd Party Software

Whenever a platform doesn’t offer a much-needed native option, chances are some developers would have found a way around it. As a platform that lacks certain features that users would love to see, Twitter is no exception.

There are a ton of apps and programs that you can use to get rid of all unwanted retweets at once. Each of them offers its own set of features, so you should do some research before you find the best one.

One good example is Tweet Deleter, a very popular choice that hundreds of thousands of Twitter users have tried so far.

Tweet Deleter lets you easily browse through your tweets, including retweets, and select and delete many of them at once, and you can even set up automatic deletion. It removes the tweets for good, so they’ll no longer be visible to anyone.

And if you want even more control over your account, Tweet Attacks Pro can be a great idea. There’s pretty much nothing that you can’t do with it, so it can definitely handle deleting all your retweets.

As a matter of fact, there are many other apps that let you delete all your retweets at one, and you bet they offer a variety of handy features as well.

Here’s a word of caution. When looking for the perfect software, do your homework and make sure that it’s legit. There are also scam programs out there that target your personal data.

With that said, with the right software, deleting your retweets should be a piece of cake. It usually doesn’t take more than a few taps or clicks to get rid of all the tweets and retweets that you no longer want to see.

Using a Script

If coding is something you find enjoyable, this can be a perfect way of getting rid of all unwanted retweets. Even if it’s not, it’s much easier than you might think.

Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Open Chrome. (Or download and install Chrome first.)
  2. Log into your Twitter account and navigate to your tweets.
  3. Open the debug console by pressing F12 on your keyboard.
  4. Go to the Console tab, and paste the following script:

function() {
t = $( '.js-actionDelete button' ); // get delete buttons
for ( i = 0; true; i++ ) { // count removed
if ( i >= t.length ) { // if removed all currently available
window.scrollTo( 0, $( document ).height() ); // scroll to bottom of page - loads more
$( t[i] ).trigger( 'click' ); // click and remove button from dom
$( 'button.delete-action' ).trigger( 'click' ); // click and remove button from dom
}, 2000

Depending on the number of tweets and retweets, this will take a varying amount of time. You might also have to refresh the page and repeat this process several times before the whole list is cleared.

Scripts are a great way of going around Twitter’s limitations. There are other scripts that can help you manipulate followers, likes, and pretty much everything else in bulk. You can find all of them online, so feel free to give them a shot.

The Final Word

Until Twitter decides to make the platform richer with features such as bulk retweet removal, these are your main options. But then, in Twitter’s point of view, this would not make the platform richer at all. It would become a lot poorer if too many users mass delete stuff.

For that, most people will likely go with a 3rd party app, mainly because of the convenience and ease of use. Another great news is that most of these apps are free.

If you decide to go with a script, the above steps should be enough for everyone. You can always tweak the scripts to match your needs as well.

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