How to Delete Your Kik Account

Posted by Jamie on November 24, 2019

Kik is a free messaging service that is very popular in some circles. It’s a simple download and makes chatting, video, and sharing simple. The service is a part social network and part chat app and doesn’t like to let you go. Even if you cancel your Kik account, it isn’t shut down for good. However, I’ll show you how to permanently delete your Kik account right here.

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Kik is a great way to message and chat using your mobile data plan or Wi-Fi connection. However, if the experience pales or you just get bored, it is quite straightforward to stop.


Permanently delete your Kik account

If you permanently delete your Kik account, you will lose access to all your chat data, friend details, and your username. You will not be able to register later using the same username once you delete your account. Although that might be a good thing!

To delete your account on a mobile device, do this:

  1. Open the app on your device.
  2. Select Your Account and then Log Out.
  3. Enter your email address. Kik will send you an email.
  4. Click the Deactivate link in that email, give a reason, and click Go.


Visit the Kik deactivation page and enter your email address.


Permanently delete your child’s Kik account

As a responsible parent, you want your child to enjoy the benefits of the internet without the pitfalls. If you want to stop your child from using Kik, you can also request that their account be deactivated. You will need to know the email address your child uses to make this work, though.

  1. Email [email protected] with the subject line ‘‘Parent Inquiry’.
  2. List your child’s Kik username and their age.
  3. Kik’s customer services will contact you with a form to fill in.
  4. Complete the form and submit it for account deletion.

To find out the username, open the Kik app on their device, and tap the cog. Then tap Settings, and you will see their Display Name at the top. Their usernames will be directly underneath.

One downside of using Kik on a cellphone is that it does tend to take up a lot of storage on your device. If you don’t have much free space or your cellphone doesn’t have expandable storage, this becomes a problem. Clearing the cache will help with that, but removing it altogether will cure it. Make sure to clean the cache first, then uninstall the app. If you don’t clear the cache, it can occasionally remain in use even if you delete the app.

Can I Get my Kik Back Once it’s Deleted?

No, once you delete your Kik account it’s permanently deleted and can’t be reinstated. Not only that, but your username can’t be used again either. You’ll have to make a new account with a different username and e-mail address. There isn’t any known way of getting your contacts back either.

Do you use Kik? Like it? Loathe it? Tell us about your experience below.

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